Obama / Clinton / Kaine: Bringing The Third World to YOU.

Refugee Resettlement Watch is warning that the Asheville, North Carolina area is in the sights of the Open Borders / amnesty crowd: clintonkaine1

There were some other things to write about this morning, but here we are, once again, telling you about the latest town targeted by the UN/US State Department and the International Rescue Committee to be the among the new sites for placement of mostly Middle Eastern and African refugees.

And, the amazing thing is that there are apparently no efforts being made to hide the fact that one of the drivers of this effort is the need by some hotel chains (planning new hotels in the area) for maids and janitors.

Note to ‘humanitarians:’ you are being used!

From the Citizen-Times:obama-finger

ASHEVILLE – A global aid and humanitarian organization is exploring the possibility of making Western North Carolina a resettlement site for refugees.

Representatives from the International Rescue Committee met with local residents at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Wednesday to discuss the feasibility of a preliminary plan to relocate 150 people fleeing persecution in their home countries to the Asheville region.

If plans move forward, the first household could come as early as next spring, J.D. McCrary, executive director of the IRC office in Atlanta, told the crowd of more than 50 people. Others would arrive over the ensuing 12 months, he said.[…]download (7)

Just like everywhere else, the IRC has been holding meetings and greasing the skids BEFORE word got out to the citizens of Asheville.

Donald Trump is right about the Chamber of Commerce—it is not friendly to conservatives and those who have concerns about immigration and preserving jobs for Americans!

[…] The IRC has been meeting with city and county officials, as well as other interested stakeholders such as the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, throughout the week, McCrary said.

Available, affordable housing might be the greatest hurdle to a viable resettlement, McCrary said. There are jobs here. Some 1,700 new hotel rooms are coming in the next year and those hotels need workers.


The heck with “marginalized” African-American citizens!MrJihad

The Citizen-Times continues:

Some worried how a local resettlement would impact Asheville’s already marginalized African-American and Hispanic communities. Others wondered if Asheville could meet the needs of a resettlement.

[…] Remember readers this is all happening because Obama is dramatically increasing the numbers of refugees admitted to the US and he is assuming that Hillary will be elected and will put the program on steroids, so the federal resettlement contractors are all out scouting new towns (having worn out their welcome in some of the 200 or so other towns and cities they are flooding).

I think they also are assuming that if they get dozens of new offices opened, it will be harder (should Trump win) to get them all closed probably for years as the new administration gets settled in. And, by then the seed community has been planted!

In my 9 years of writing about refugees I have not seen such a huge campaign to expand the number of towns to be seeded (colonized!).

Add Asheville to our growing list which includes Missoula, MT, Ithaca, NY, Radford, VA, Reno, NV, Rutland, VT, Fayetteville, AR, and Charleston, WV (am I forgetting any?) which I have written about in recent months.

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  1. Our state government really does need to impose some type of licensure and regulation upon refugee placement agencies operating within the state to protect our people.

    Jobs rarely matter to those who are granted refugee status as that status makes them automatically qualify for all types of welfare and the agencies that sponsor them sign them up. American welfare lets them live like kings compared to how they lived before, and they do not have to do anything, so they usually just stay on it. The same is true in western Europe, which is why they are piling in there. Welfare is the big pull factor. This British video ”Brand New Leather Jacket” is instructive of what is going on:


    Denmark took preemptive action in the recent wave of Muslim migration to Europe by substantially cutting the welfare given to asylum seekers and taking out advertising in Turkey and Lebanon to make that fact known while saying that Denmark did not want them.

  2. I agree but you honestly think any sort of restrictions are going to happen with Obama, Hillary, any Democrat or throw the borders open too Paul Ryan GOPe???? They are chomping at the bit to bring even more “refugees” in here, have lessened the so-called vetting window from 2 years to 3 months (a farce in itself) and are now partnering with corporations like IBM and Apple under the guise of compassion to bring even more into YOUR (NOT their) neighborhood. I wish Pat McCrory would start screaming about this issue, do whatever he can to stop this influx and that our mostly hapless US Congressional crew would put forth legislation to defund any sort of resettlement — every day, at every possible opportunity. When pigs fly…

    Is ANYONE paying attention to what is going on in Europe?? THIS is our future. Trump 2016.

    1. Tennessee is moving on this issue. They have withdrawn from the state-federal compact that allows placement of refugees. Their legislature has passed a bill to authorize a lawsuit against the Obama administration for continuing to send them anyway.

      To my knowledge, North Carolina has not taken either of these steps, but it needs to.

  3. First, what needs to happen is the shut down of the money pipeline to “religious/charity” organizations–this money comes from the Feds thru Refugee resettlement (VOLOGS) this is big money to our “charitable” organizations. Average 5K per head, so do the math.
    There are 9 main major refugee resettlement organizations (Volags from “Voluntary Agency”) with approximately 450 affiliated organizations throughout the country; many are run by former refugees.
    Below are the 9 Volags that operate today:
    US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB),
    Lutheran Immigrant Aid Society (LIRS),
    International Rescue Committee (IRC),
    World Relief Corporation,
    Immigrant and Refugee Services of America (IRSA),
    Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS),
    Church World Service (CWS),
    Domestic and Foreign Missionary Service of the Episcopal Church of the USA,
    Ethiopian Community Development Center (ECDC),

    1. Our state regulates lot of other facilities and activities from day care centers to retirement homes. It is time to play that liberal trick back on them and heavily regulate these organizations so that they will go somewhere else. As to vetting, one thing that could be required is polygraphing all of the ”refugees” about their connections with radical groups, their own opinions on jihad and hijrah, their criminal history, and their attitude to sexual assaults on women, which has been a massive problem from Muslims in Europe. Also make the Volags absolutely liable for any harm to any citizen from any migrant they place in NC, whether terrorism, sexual assault, other crime, or simple neglicence.

      1. What you can do today — STOP tithing to any of these progressive (suicidal) churches. Until the money — your money — dries up, nothing will change.

        1. Good idea. It would be good to even change churches if possible. For example, the Lutheran organization mentioned is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Anyone who is a member of that liberal denomination can remain a Lutheran by just moving their membership to either of the more conservative Lutheran denominations, the Missouri Synod or the Wisconsin Synod, both of which have congregations in North Carolina. There was a conservative splinter from the Episcopal church which went by the name of the Anglican Orthodox Church, but I am not sure if they still use that name, but it too has had congregations in North Carolina.

          Vote with your feet! And your checkbook!

        2. Well, that is already happening. It is baffling how churches think going “progressive” will increase attendance and $$$. It is these same people who are entirely secular and actively hostile to churches..even when they are bending to their will on every issue.

          I have been hoping for a split in the church I am a member of. The United Methodist Church is on the way to hopefully be split due to the inflitration by progressives. Heck, even our bishop in the Raleigh area was at the Moron Monday thing several times. Needless to say, I give less than I could of $$ and try to substitute with time and giving directly to other causes in the community instead.

        3. Here are the options for conservatives who are sick of the liberalism of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America:

          Lutheran Church Missouri Synod : http://www.lcms.org

          Lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod: http://www.wels.net

          For Episcopalians, there are:

          Anglican Orthodox Church:

          Anglican Orthodox Southern Episcopal Church:

          If there is not already a congregation in your area, maybe you can engineer a split in your own congregaton and take the conservative minded members to one of these common sense denominations.

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