#ncsen: PPP says Hagan 47, Tillis 46, Haugh 4

ttsmileThis poll of 657 likely voters was done October 28-29.  Hagan’s favorable-unfavorable rating is 46-49.  Tillis’s favorable-unfavorable is at 42-50. (Obama is at 47-50.) 

Hagan is getting 90 percent of 2012 Obama voters, while Tillis gets 82 percent of Romney voters. Twelve percent of those who viewed Hagan favorably voted for Romney in 2012.  The poll shows Tillis getting 20 percent of Democrats, while Hagan gets 13 percent of Republicans.   Hagan gets 34 percent favorability from whiles but 81 percent from blacks.  Tillis gets 54 percent of whites and 10 percent of blacks. pointkay

Hagan handily wins the 18-29 demographic (59-34).  She leads in the 30-45 group by 43-39.  Tillis leads 48-46 in the 46-65 group.  He leads 52-46 among the Over 65 crowd.

PPP- despite its leftist tendencies — has tended to be pretty doggone close in the final days of statewide elections.  (It was a close second in each of the last two Senate races.)  PPP’s last poll for this race, roughly two weeks ago, had the spread at 46-43 in favor of Hagan.