#NCSEN: El Sr. Tillis quiere amnistía ahora





It looks as if some big donors are calling in some chits with the Tillis for Senate campaign.  Speaker Thom appeared before the NC Farm Bureau Monday to urge DC and Raleigh to get moving on “comprehensive immigration reform” and  “a pathway to citizenship.”:


The Farm Bureau came out in support of the immigration bill the U.S. Senate passed earlier this year. The bill would include a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, stronger border security, better entry-exit records to make it harder for people to overstay visas, and a verification system for employers.

When the Senate voted in June, Hagan was for it. Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican, voted against it. The U.S. House of Representatives has declined to take up the Senate’s comprehensive approach, however.

Tillis at the time said he probably would have voted “No” along with the majority of Senate Republicans, but that he didn’t know enough about it to say for sure.

The state House under his leadership has failed to pass comprehensive immigration bills.

But Tillis told the Farm Bureau that the next legislation session should focus more attention on immigration reform. That would be an unusual move in a short session, when controversial topics generally aren’t on the agenda.

Tillis invited Farm Bureau members to “give us some ideas of more things we need to do around immigration policy and help me communicate across this state why effective immigration policy is so critical and so important to this industry.”

He added, according to Democrats who tracked his remarks: “You all know what we need to do. … You go out there and talk about it. Start talking about smart immigration reform. You’re going to help us get out there and actually get it done.”

Earlier this year, Gov. Pat McCrory vetoed a state bill that triples the period in which seasonal workers do not have to have their immigration status checked in the federal E-Verify system. But the legislature overrode the veto.

Tillis told the Farm Bureau that the override was the right thing to do.

“I felt very strongly that was the policy that you all needed help on and relief on and I’m glad that my House members and my Senate colleagues agree,” he said.

That’s a special kind of talent to brand yourself as a “conservative,” and then get to the left of Pat McCrory on immigration.

MEXICO is actually more hard-nosed about protecting its borders and enforcing its immigration laws than we are. Rewarding people who don’t play by the rules is a slap in the face to ALL Americans — those who were born here, as well as those who emigrated here lawfully and were naturalized. 

4 thoughts on “#NCSEN: El Sr. Tillis quiere amnistía ahora

  1. No wonder Lindsay Grahamnesty showed up to support Tilli$ at his fundraiser. They are amigos on supporting La Raza and amnesty. Tilli$ in the North Carolina version of Graham.

    This is just one more reason that thinking conservatives will sit this one out in November if Tilli$ is the nominee. It would be an abomination to have that liberal thug sitting in what was once Jesse Helms seat. It is awful enough to have Hagan in it, but Tilli$, being a nominal ”Republican” is an even bigger disgrace. One can understand Democrats acting like Democrats, but not when ”Republicans” act like Democrats.

    It was not hard to see this coming. In the last session, Tilli$, in his usual pay for play mode with Big Ag. pushed through legislation gutting e-Verify, the program to keep American jobs for genuine Americans instead of illegal aliens, and overriding the governor’s veto. He even unsuccessfully pushed for drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Now he is come out as a full blown Benedict Arnold traitor to the Republican Party and America.

    There is a way to get La Raza legislation on the floor in the short session. When opposition stopped Tilli$’ drive to get drivers licenses for illegal aliens adopted, he finessed the bill into one creating a Study Committee. One type of bill that is allowed in the short session is one out of a Study Committee. That committee needs to be watched closely, and we need to keep the heat on the Senate to stop Tilli$ putting the interests of illegal aliens ahead of those of American citizens.

    When this is all over, maybe we can find a way to deport Tilli$ so he can go live among his amigos.

    1. There is no clearer evidence of the Rove/Gillespie/Bush cabal connection and influence on Tillis than on this issue.

      Full blown amnesty, massive increases in legal immigration to drive down wages and force exponential population growth to push economic ‘growth’, and truly open borders is what these corrupt and morally bankrupt plutocrats want.

      The amnesty/immigration issue is EVERY ISSUE. This is the whole enchilada. The country will be irreversibly destroyed if amnesty or CIR passes.

      Tillis needs to be soundly defeated, and so does Ellmers.

  2. This guy is nothing more than a talking puppet for the “highest bidder” on any given issue (this time it’s “immigration reform”)–wave a little money in front of him, pull his string, and he’ll read from the “script” perfectly. Guess what, Mr. Tillis–our nation’s sovereignty is not for sale! Not to you, or anyone else! You try to bring “comprehensive immigration reform” (aka amnesty) to NC, and watch your political career go up in smoke!

  3. A few thoughts on that. By now, any real conservative paying close attention to the state political scene knows that they can expect a knife in the back from Establishment phonies, and this individual is an example of such.

    Secondly, Hillsborough Street has been quite busy of late playing whack-a-mole with county parties who’ve been a little too publicly enthusiastic with their support for candidacies other than that of Theam Thillis (see Ashe and Gates Counties). The dilemma for many County Chairs is that they know that these Establishment GOP types are absolutely killing our brand and it’s hurting folks who operate at the grassroots level. I’ve talked with several county party faithful who’ve mentioned that participation from former regulars has dropped off dramatically. Counties have to fund raise, recruit polling station Judges, local candidates and myriad other small but important tasks and these things are very hard to accomplish when you’re short of volunteers who have become disgusted with State and National “leaders” and just don’t see the point in getting involved anymore.

    County Chairs also resent the fact that while they have their hands tied in Primaries, figures like Mitch McConnell and Richard Burr can arrange to dump massive quantities of cash into the hands of the candidate THEY would choose to be our nominee, thus basically deciding for us. Then they have the gall to expect us to “unite” behind their hand-picked nominee.

    And since they picked a flawed candidate who has alienated a lot of the base, particularly in the coastal counties, they put at risk a real pickup opportunity for the GOP.

    As for the amnesty scheme that we continue to hear that Boehner is pushing, we need to seriously challenge the NC GOP congressional delegation as to why they support this individual for Speaker. We can’t operate effectively as a Party when we’re constantly looking over our shoulders for our leadership to betray us….again and again.

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