#ncgop: Two ambulances, a coup attempt, and a Woodhouse

IMG950442One normally associates state party meetings with boredom, Chinese water torture, root canals. *You know, pleasant things.* 

By all accounts, Saturday’s NCGOP meetings were anything BUT dull.  Two officials had to be taken away for (stress-related) medical treatment.   A resolution to remove one of the state’s two representatives to the Republican National Committee got batted around.  And the top staff position at state party headquarters was filled.

Dallas Woodhouse, former head of AFP’s North Carolina chapter and the Pat McCrory / Thom Tillis-aligned Carolina Rising PAC, was officially hired as executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party.  (Sources tell me it was made known to the state party leaders that GOP leaders in DC strongly favored the hiring of Woodhouse.) Carolina Rising took some heat earlier this year for allegedly being involved in push-polling and primary candidate recruitment against key GOP state senate leaders. 

Tea Party-aligned party activists had tried to get Johnny Shull of Harnett County — a veteran of many national conservative organizations — hired. 

FullSizeRender22Some of the day’s real excitement came during debate over a resolution introduced by The Craven County Republican Party.  The Craven group sought removal of state Rep. David Lewis from his role as RNC committeeman.  The resolution specifically cited Lewis’s role in pushing through HB 373, which included controversial language about “affiliated committees.”

The Harnett County legislator was subjected to withering criticism from all kinds of sources — including at least one of his GOP House colleagues.   Lewis stood before the group to defend himself.  

A party attorney halted the proceedings, suggesting that the resolution was not properly introduced in accordance with party rules.  The resolution to remove Lewis was then tabled until a later date.