#ncga: TRYING to explain those $15,000 Jeter-grams

jeterApparently, some heat is being felt about those $15,000 payouts from the House caucus campaign treasury. 

One wel-placed source within the House GOP camp offered up THIS defense of those eight checks:

“We had to drain caucus funds from NCGOP so they could be sent to members in vulnerable districts to inflate their [cash-on-hand] and deter opponents.”

Let’s see.  Here’s the list of the recipients of Charles Jeter’s “generosity”:

Charles Jeter
Rob Bryan
Susan Martin
Nelson Dollar
Bill Brawley
David Lewis
Stephen Ross
John Szoka


images-7Wait.  Susan Martin is supposedly running for the state Senate.  Why would they be worried about pumping up her HOUSE reelection campaign? 

David Lewis is a reputed heavyweight fundraiser who has never been seriously threatened for reelection.  There is no challenger on the radar so far.  Why did he need that big payoff?

 I have a suggestion for scaring off challengers that does’t cost a whole lot.  DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU TOLD THE VOTERS YOU WERE GOING TO DO.  Don’t campaign as a conservative, and then vote to raise taxes and grow government. 

4 thoughts on “#ncga: TRYING to explain those $15,000 Jeter-grams

  1. You can all go home nothing to see here, just a little political doping going on.

    Simple Explanations and Responses:

    Dudes gotta get em some Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Jos A Banks action too. Cough up the damn cash people, we’re the party of princiPAL.

    Our caucus laundering practices are no concern of yours. Mind your own business.

    The lady, maybe he digs her wants to impress her with his/your/his/your cash.

    The politicians, they get off on OPM, that’s not opium, it stands for Other People’s Money but it get’s ’em off like a hit of dope. Maybe they promised Jeter he could drink their bong water if he peeled off a few Gs

    Hey people listen up: Send More OP(IU)M PLEASE in the form of campaign contributions or higher taxes, we need to help get our gang members and dope heads back up here. Paaarrr-Taaaayyyy!!!!

  2. Oh, almost forgot to say. “Thank You” for funding us. It’s a blast! It pays to be the party of princi-PAL$$$$$$$.

  3. What conservative in their right mind would give a nickel to these House leadership thugs or their fund? Send your contributions to individual conservative members or conservative challengers for the primaries or to the Senate’s campaign fund. Our House leadership reminds me of people like Richard Morgan, Jim Black, Liston Ramsey, or Marc Basnight.

    Tim Moore is the new Jim Black.

    Fortunately, there is still a higher measure of integrity in the GOP Senate caucus..

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