Elevating McCarthy to fill Boehner’s shoes FIXES NOTHING.

MCCThe Orange Man has fallen — albeit FOUR YEARS too late.  The House weasel caucus is already scrambling to fill the speaker’s spray-tan and tear-stained shoes. 

It is infuriating to hear that these people in the House are seriously looking to replace Boehner with his co-conspirator Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

McCarthy — whose voting record is slightly to the right of Renee Ellmers — has stood with Boehner as House conservatives have been retaliated against.  He’s stood with Boehner as attempts to kill Obamacare, stop amnesty, and halt debt ceiling increases have been
squashed.  (As have fellow House leadership team members Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry.)  McCarthy and other House leaders have fretted over demanding the defunding of Planned Parenthood because the fight would likely lead to a government shutdown. Tell me again what’s so bad about a government shutdown. 

The drive-bys and the GOPe are trying to tell us the McCarthy coronation is already a done teadeal. Yet, Florida’s Daniel Webster and Texas’s Jeb Hensarling are reportedly considering a run for the House’s top job.

It’s about more than putting a new body in that job.  It’s about finding someone who is committed to honoring the pact made with the voters in 2010, 2012 and 2014 to bring government — especially Barack Obama —  to heel.  

3 thoughts on “Elevating McCarthy to fill Boehner’s shoes FIXES NOTHING.

  1. Yes, and this is why…..John Kasich is a fool and like the rest of the Establishment he doesn’t get it…here’s what he just said about Boehner….

    “”It just reflects the dysfunction in Washington,” Kasich said. “Where people cannot even honor somebody who has dedicated their life to public service… He built the largest Republican majority in modern time… I guess no good deed goes undone or unpunished because some of the most savage attacks on him come from Republicans.”

    Get it, folks? Like Boehner had anything to do with the historic majority that WE gave him.

    “..savage attacks from Republicans”.

    Yeah, that’ll happen when you’re given a majority and you reveal yourself for the surrender monkey that you are.

  2. I’ve heard that Renee Ellmers is slightly under McCarthy. Rumor?
    It’s painfully obvious that Renee Ellmers (liar that she is) is rolling over for “somebody”. The world wonders.
    The spineless drunk John Boehner finally saw the writing on the wall, that we (who elected him) were sick and tired of him bending over and grabbing his ankles for Obama and the Democrats (when he was the “majority leader)). Good riddance, Drunken John!
    Next in line is that spineless idiot, Mitch McConnell (who also loves to bend over and grab his ankles for Hussein).
    The chickens are coming home to roost, and we are holding these spineless Republican’s feet to the fire! We will not stand idly by while Barack Hussein Obama “fundamentally changes” (AKA: destroys) the greatest country on earth!

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