#ncga: CHA-CHING!!!! (GOP House Caucus VERY generous with $$$ — for Tim Moore’s pals)

There’s, um, a bit of hubbub going on about the election processchaching power grab recently rammed through the General Assembly.

Amidst all of this, we managed to get our hands on some images of financial records detailing recent disbursements of “caucus funds” from the state party account to close allies of Speaker Tim Moore.

The records we obtained show transactions bearing the initials of state Rep. Charles Jeter (R-Mecklenburg) — head of the GOP caucus’s political operation.

One of the more interesting entries we found detailed EIGHT checks for $15,000 each paid to the campaign accounts of various allies of Speaker Moore. The checks, according to the records, were all written on August 16 — a SUNDAY.  (Jeter even approved $15,000 of “caucus funds” for himself.)  images-6

To put this in perspective, the yearly salary of a member of the North Carolina House is $13,951. 

Here is a complete list of the eight members who — according to the Jeter records — each got $15,000 worth of “caucus funds” on August 16 of this year:

Charles Jeter
Rob Bryan
Susan Martin
Nelson Dollar
Bill Brawley
David Lewis
Stephen Ross
John Szoka


Hmmm.  THIS is not an election year.  Why the big payouts?  momoneyCould it have something to do with the surprise outcome of the NCGOP convention in June?  (After all, we did break the story about establishment insiders plotting to move “caucus funds” out of the state party bank account.    Laundering the money through the accounts of loyal lieutenants — who won’t snitch — would seem like a great way to do that.)

All of the folks on that list — except Bryan, who was absent —  voted FOR the election power grab yesterday.  And why not?  They’re getting,um, “paid” well. (It’s hard work shaking people down for that money.) 

While we’re on this subject of ‘the honorables’ managing their own campaign funds, let’s reflect back on the hubbub about all of those unpaid invoices “found” in some desk drawer in the caucus campaign offices.

Gee, those NCGOP meetings on Saturday should be *FUN.*