#ncga: Storming the barricades

I am getting all kinds of reports from Jones Street indicating that the voters are not pleased with the elections power grab that justles-miserables-barricades flew through the legislature.    (I am honestly hearing comparisons to The French Revolution.) 

Quite a few honorables have mentioned a flood of angry phone calls and face-to-face conversations with folks from all over the state that they’ve never had a cross word with — until now.

I heard from VERY SENIOR sources in the state Senate on this matter.   They told me senator Berger’s staff sold the elections package and the “affiliated committee” concept as “an insurance policy.”   Senators were reportedly told the provision would be smart to approve — just in case the state party fell into deep financial trouble.  These SENIOR Senate sources tell me that leadership has assured the GOP rank-and-file in that chamber that there is low, low, low probability that their caucus will ever set up one of these committees.  These sources also told me that leadership will continue to honor the commitment to staying out of primaries.  Said one of these sources: 

”We’ve had a good ten-year relationship with the folks at the state party.  We are really not seeing a need right now to shake things up.”

My Senate sources tell me this whole “affiliated committees” concept was being aggressively driven by House leaders from the very start.

SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAITOver on the House side, I am hearing that leaders are getting monster-sized hell about the whole idea of getting involved in primaries.  An idea is being pushed there to write formal by-laws forbidding any new committees established by House leaders from getting involved in primary races.  There is also a lot of ferocious lobbying going on to draw up rules ensuring that any new caucus committees operate under the exact same rules as the state parties.

Tea Party and grassroots activists are lobbying Governor Pat McCrory hard and heavy to veto the elections package and return it to the honorables so they can remove the offending language regarding the “affiliated committees.”  STAY TUNED. 

This is a pretty key event in our state’s political history.  It will likely spell the end of our two major parties if things stand as they are.  Get on the phone with your legislators. Call the governor.