NC-09: bowel movements, Bob Pittenger and surrender

download (67)Robert Pittenger has been clinging tightly to John Boehner throughout his first term in office.  He’s been there for “Cryin”’ John at the drop of a hat.  Ol’ Bob has ridiculed the efforts of Ted Cruz and The Tea Party to limit government and drive a stake into the heart of the ObamaCare monster.  His record has earned him a Tea Party challenger in the form of Charlotte businessman Mike Steinberg. 

Steinberg gave a barn-burner of a speech this weekend to 9th district Republicans that highlighted his differences with Pittenger and made his case for snatching the party nomination from the freshman congressman:

[…] “Nancy Pelosi wanted ObamaCare passed. She told us we needed to pass it so we could see what’s in it. That’s the kind of thing you hear doctors say about bowel movements.”  […]  “I am most disappointed that the man I voted for (Pittenger) supplied a key vote to increase the federal debt and fund ObamaCare.”

Steinberg points out that the shutdown occurred because the GOP-controlled House passed legislation pittengerthat did not fund ObamaCare.  The Senate passed a version that did fund it.  He said Republicans could have stood their ground, educated the public, and made Democrats back off of funding ObamaCare. But, instead, Pittenger and a segment of his GOP colleagues provided key votes that ended the stalemate and gave the Democrats what they wanted:  ObamaCare implementation and more debt to aid more spending.

Pittenger has defended himself on ObamaCare by claiming that he voted twenty times to defund it or repeal it.  (We’ve learned that number 20 being touted by GOP House leaders is not exactly honest.)  Said Steinberg:

“He wants to talk about those twenty votes.  But it all really came down to that ONE vote to end the shutdown and give the Democrats exactly what they wanted.”

Steinberg is also vehemently opposed to the amnesty legislation being pushed by John Boehner and other House leaders.  Pro-Amnesty forces have been publicizing Pittenger as an ally who needs to be supported at the polls.