McClatchy & co. furiously trying to avoid reality, prop up Hagan

sock puppet


The mainstream media (MSM) has sounded the alarm and taken to battlestations.  Their highest ranking, like-minded, last-standing, pantsuit-wearing political ally is in the crosshairs of the dreaded Republicans.  US Senator Kay Hagan — a/k/a NY Senator Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet — has been tagged as one of the most vulnerable Democrats going into the 2014 campaign cycle. For more than five years, Senator Sock Puppet — who owes her time in Washington to cash from Big Barry & Schumer, as well as the incompetence of Liddy Dole’s reelection campaign — has been a good soldier for the Senate’s far left.

She’s cheerleaded and carried water for gay marriage, gun control and ObamaCare enthusiastically while the folks back home have been reacting to those issues with a vociferous HELL NO.   2014 is almost here, and the time has come for the sock puppet to account for those sins.  

The MSM has worked hard to try to portray her as a moderate who is running stronger than expected. Why, just the other day, the School of Creative Writing at McClatchy’s Raleigh campus published a story suggesting that  Hagan is easily beating back “all potential GOP foes.’ ‘ :

The poll shows that Hagan has lost little support since she announced her support for gay marriage. Her job approval was 39 percent and disapproval was 37 percent,

Hmm.  39 percent job approval AFTER she announces her support for gay marriage.  THAT’S the same percentage that supported gay marriage in the May 2012 vote on the marriage amendment.  Coincedence?  I think not.  Looks like she’s held on to the folks she already had.  Also, 39 percent job approval rating — when you’ve been on the job for FIVE YEARS with a sycophant media in place — is nothing to pop champagne corks over.  

Of course, McClatchy is citing data from Public Policy Polling, a well-known Democrat consulting firm headquartered in Durham.

The PPP poll shows Labor commissioner Cherie Berry (R) as her strongest opponent, losing 46-41 to Hagan.   I  bet I could pull 41 percent against Hagan if my name and face were posted on the wall of EVERY elevator car in North Carolina.

Just looking at those numbers,  I see 13 percent unaccounted for.  Are they undecided?   (Undecideds almost always swing to challengers.)  A five point spread with 13 percent undecided — against the lady whose face is in all of the elevators —  is a very precarious position to be in.  (There’s also that four percent margin of error to factor in. )

Hagan does not poll at 50 percent against ANY Republican.  Her highest percentage (49) comes against state House speaker Thom Tillis and Cary physician Greg Brannon.  (It is interesting to note that Brannon and Tillis are polling nearly even in a hypothetical GOP primary for the Senate seat.) 

I do agree with some of the analysis offered up in The Hill newspaper in February:

[…] Hagan’s job performance numbers are mediocre, a sign that her lead may be built more on name identification than anything else. And if the GOP can nominate a strong candidate, she could face a tough race.  […]

Bingo.  This set can be TAKEN by the GOP if they decide to nominate someone who can offer a clear contrast to Hagan’s abysmally-leftist record.   A Republican who has winked-and-nodded at gay marriage, gun control, tax increases, spending increases and ObamaCare will be catastrophic — resulting in a scenario not unlike what we saw nationally with the 2008 and 2012 presidential races.  (Thom & Renee, are you paying attention?)