Heritage Action: Jones is US House’s most conservative NCGOPer

hacWalter Jones’s primary foes are working hard to paint him as a liberal and a “Pelosi Republican.”  The latest scorecard from Heritage Action ranks Jones as the most conservative House member (88%) from North Carolina.  George Holding comes in a close (87%) second, while Mark Meadows (83%) and Mark Walker (83%)  tie for third.

Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry, our two members of House leadership, are tied at 67% each.  (100 percent is perfect conservatism.  A zero ranking puts you in hard-core commie territory.) 

Renee Ellmers ranks as North Carolina’s most liberal Republican House member, with a ranking of 58 percent.

Overall, Colorado’s Rep. Ken Buck, Utah’s Senator Mike Lee, and Texas’s  Senator Ted Cruz were the only members of Congress to receive perfect scores of 100.

Here are the House  votes used to reach these rankings.  Here are the Senate votes.

Over in the Senate, Thom Tillis pulled in a 59 percent ranking, while Richard Burr drew a 41 percent ranking.   Compare that to a 76 percent ranking for South Carolina’s Tim Scott and a 44 percent ranking for Lindsey Graham.  (Hmm. Burr is to the left of Lindsey Graham.) 

Mark Kirk of Illinois and Susan Collins of Maine tied (17 percent) for the honor of being the most liberal Republicans in the Senate.

2 thoughts on “Heritage Action: Jones is US House’s most conservative NCGOPer

  1. Real conservative ratings have been showing Walter Jones as one of the best conservatives in the delegation, and Heritage Action is one of the most respected.

    Last primary, the K Street mafia backing their carpetbagging puppet Taylor Griffin pointed to the out of step rating, which is discounted as inaccurate by most observers, of the liberal journalists at the liberal National Journal to run a barrage of ads claiming Jones was a liberal. They used the Big Lie, and appear to want to run a Big Lie campaign again. Real conservative organizations rate Walter Jones for what he is – a conservative. Taylor Griffin and his backers are liars, but then what do you expect out of the John Boehner crowd?

    1. Walter Jones is a man that has done an outstanding job for Eastern North Carolina. He is a representative for ALL of his district regardless of the political affiliation of his constituents. We don’t need people like Taylor Griffin that talk out of both sides of their mouth in any leadership capacity. The mere fact that he has resorted to name-calling shows his childish mentality. .

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