Hagan to US House Speaker: Go, Johnny, Go !!!




Pay attention, Republicans.  Kay Hagan (D-Greensboro), our state’s junior US senator — sounding a lot like Chuck Berry — has some strategy advice:

[…] Hagan bemoaned the way Congress waits for deadlines to act. She said Speaker of the House John Boehner needs to, essentially, write off the 64 Tea-Party-style Republicans who are blocking compromise measures in the House and move legislation that other Republicans can pass with support from House Democrats.[…]

Hmm.  Not ONE WORD from Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ about working with Mitch McConnell to break the logjam in the Senate perpetrated by “Dingy Harry” Reid and her puppetmaster.

That’s got to make Republicans feel *GOOD* to hear one of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate offering words of encouragement to the Republican House leadership.

John Boehner and the rest of the House leadership are apparently foregoing the defunding of ObamaCare in the continuing resolution, and instead aiming for tying an increase of the debt ceiling to some unnamed, unspecified trimming to ObamaCare’s implementation.

It appears that quite a few North Carolina Republicans in DC are taking Hagan’s advice to dump that pesky Tea Party and work with John Boehner.  Renee Ellmers, Patrick McHenry and Virginia Foxx in the House are teaming with Richard Burr in the Senate to poo-poo the whole idea of using the continuing resolution to defund ObamaCare implementation.  Howard Coble, George Holding, Richard Hudson, Mark Meadows and Walter Jones have signed on to the effort to tie ObamaCare defunding to the passage of a continuing resolution.

The Tea Party Express — one of the largest Tea Party-affiliated political committees —  pulled in to North Carolina today to lobby the North Carolina delegation to sign on to the defunding effort.  Out west, the Tea Party leaders praised Rep. Meadows while criticizing Renee Ellmers.   In Raleigh, the group held a press conference featuring criticism of Senator Burr and a speech from  GOP US Senate candidate Greg Brannon. 




4 thoughts on “Hagan to US House Speaker: Go, Johnny, Go !!!

  1. Kay Hagan must go!! And if John Boehner folds to whatever Obama and the worthless democrats want, he will need to go.

  2. Don’t forget Rep. Robert Pittenger! He is standing with Boehner and Obama against the RNC and NCGOP on the Defund Obamacare issue.

    Rep. Pittenger told constituents at a town hall that Newt Gingrich “did exactly what some of y’all are thinking. And he lost the House of Representatives.”

    That is patently false. From Michael Hammond at RedState: THAT IS NOT TRUE!

    In 1995–1996: “The GOP picked up three seats in the Senate. It retained control of the House with 227 seats and lost only three. Clinton would have been ousted had Republicans not nominated a stand-for-nothing nasty old man as their candidate. And the negotiations springing from that conflict produced a balanced budget and fiscal austerity. IT WAS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL LEGISLATIVE STRATEGY OF OUR LIFETIME.”

    Many of our Republicans don’t want to support the Defund strategy because they are afraid of losing the next election. We at NC Tea disagree with that point, but if it’s because they are being told this will happen because it happened in 95-96, then they are being misled.

    1. If they don’t defund, I feel safe in saying that some of them are going to lose the next election….”safe” districts aren’t so safe when your base doesn’t turn out.

      One other thing added to your excellent history lesson….it wasn’t Newt but Bob Dole that threw in the towel. Just as Slick was about to cave from what I’ve heard from several sources

      1. Good point. Dole caved without bothering to even tell Gingrich he was going to do so. Dole snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory, as after Clinton was out of office some of his staffers revealed he was on the verge of caving when Dole blinked first. Dole needed to find some viagra that works on spines, and our current crop of GOP ”leaders” could use some of that, too.

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