#NCSEN: Kay Hagan takes Manhattan



Yes, my friends.  If you’re contemplating a run for one of North Carolina’s US Senate seats, the first thing that comes to mind — *naturally* — is heading out of state to campaign.  We’ve documented the fact that Thom Tillis took off for DC the first chance he got. Now, it appears that our very own Kay Hagan — affectionately known in many quarters as Chuck Schumer’s Sock Puppet™ —  has, like Green Acres’ Eva Gabor, fallen in love with Park Avenue:









*Yay! Home in time for The Oscars!* (Um, guys, I think our invite must have been lost in the mail.)  Well, who actually put on this shindig? :














Of  course, ol’ Chuck was gonna be there.  (Our senator needs her puppetmaster.)  In light of the recently passed voter ID bill, you must have a North Carolina ID in order to vote in our Senate race.  (I’m sure all of these people in NYC shelling out thousands to Senator Sock Puppet were properly documented, registered voters in North Carolina. I mean, why else would Miss Kay be campaigning up there?)

I read into this thing a little more to see that you had to shell out the moolah BIG TIME in order to hang with North Carolina’s junior senator:








According to this thing, you CAN give Kay some money if you have a green card.  *Good to know. *