Greg Brannon: BOTH of NC’s senators need to join the fight to defund ObamaCare

gregbrannonPolling shows two-thirds to three-quarters of North Carolinians expressing serious dissatisfaction with ObamaCare.  The North Carolina General Assembly has voted to refuse federal money earmarked for funding health insurance exchanges — a key component of ObamaCare.  There is clear evidence that fear and uncertainty about the law  is slowing the economic recovery and causing businesses to put off hiring decisions.  Yet. both of North Carolina’s senators — Kay Hagan (D) and Richard Burr (R) — are sitting on the sidelines in DC while others lead a fight to defund this looming bureaucratic train wreck.

Kay Hagan was a proud cheerleader for ObamaCare taking great pains to tells us all how good it is going to be for us.  Burr has described the fight to defund ObamaCare as “the dumbest idea.”

Dr. Greg Brannon, a GOP candidate for US Senate in 2014, told roughly 100 supporters at a gathering in Moore County Friday night that Burr and Hagan were failing in their roles as  “ambassadors” for the people of North Carolina by refusing to join an effort, led by Utah senator Mike Lee (R), to cut funding for ObamaCare out of any continuing resolution that may be passed to keep the federal government running through the end of September:

“Party loyalty — loyalty to your caucus leaders — should have nothing to do with your position on this legislation.  The rule of law should be the main concern here.  There is nothing in The Constitution that empowers the federal government to sink its claws into our health care system and intrude into our lives like this. Our leaders in DC should be deferring to The Constitution, looking at the damage this bill is already doing to our economy and our freedom, and listening to the people back home.  Kay Hagan and Richard Burr need to do the right thing for the people of North Carolina and sign on to Senator Lee’s effort to pull ObamaCare funding.”

By the way, Congress is voting on a continuing resolution because they still haven’t passed a budget.  Passing a continuing resolution is a lot like overdrawing your checking account, then demanding your bank give you more money until you can talk your boss into paying you more.

It’s absolutely irresponsible.  HOW can you expect to instill fiscal discipline if the threat of running out of money never materializes? If you know you only have a set pot of money —  and nothing ,more — you’re more likely to make responsible financial decisions. 

Congress is ignoring its explicit constitutional responsibility to pass a budget while ramming through health care legislation that has absolutely no basis in or standing with The Constitution.


4 thoughts on “Greg Brannon: BOTH of NC’s senators need to join the fight to defund ObamaCare

  1. Senator Burr!’s staffer said the Senator is all for defunding Obamacare but only in a fight he can win. He continued, the Senator believes we should follow the US Constitution and defund it when R’s have 2/3 majority in both Houses. After all, he said, the President said he will not sign a bill with that in it and its unfair to hold up the rest of the country over something that’s already law. WHAT????

    Word from DC is that leadership only wants to fight one thing in this upcoming CR, and that is to keep Sequestration that they’ve already fought for. No new cuts, no defunding Obamacare, just a regurgitated fight which if that’s really their plan, then the President has already won.

    It’s nice to see the Senator finally concerned about the US Constitution after he has had several votes this year alone that are contradictions of that document.

    It is so disturbing that there are only a handful of Principled Conservatives fighting for We The People in DC. Senator Burr, we implore you to stand with those brave men. We want this fight with the President. We want a loud message to be sent to the White House that we are Fed Up. Please reconsider your position and do what you were sent up there to do – Fight on behalf of North Carolinians.

    1. Burr is nothing but a beltway brownnoser, taking orders from the cowardly incompetent Mitch McConnell. Burr needs to get his in the 2016 primary, but in the meantime, McConnell has a primary challenge for 2014, Tea Party candidate, Matt Bevin in Kentucky. We need to send contributions to Bevin so that we can get rid of that worthless surrender monkey McConnell in the primary. Bevin will also have a better chance to hold the seat for the GOP in November than the spineless and chinless McConnell.

  2. I was able to meet with Greg Brannon last night, and I hope he will be our next Senator from NC…then at least we will have one real American in the Senate from NC.

  3. Dr. Greg is the real deal; a true patriot who understands the Constitution. Can’t wait to see him in a debate with Ms. Hagan. I am sure she won’t show up or perhaps she will have her Twitter Account stand in for her. Who could tell the difference?

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