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Endorsement? (GULP!) Um, er — What Endorsement??? (Walter WHO?)

      U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary (and ObamaCare queen) Kathleen Sebelius really stepped in it this past week in Charlotte: Kathleen Sebelius, President Barack Obama’s secretary of Health and Human Services, is walking back what appeared to be an endorsement of Lt….

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Oh, hell. Richard’s back. (AGAIN)

    SpeakerrrrrRichardMorgan™ is starting to remind me of Jason Voorhees, the deranged killer in all of those really bad Friday The 13th movies. The heroes in those movies are terrorized by Jason, but they fight really hard to kill him off.  They think he’s…

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NCGOP: Merely a new set of money-changers in the temple?

  GOP leaders took power on Jones Street in 2010 with promises of “no more business as usual.” They were propelled into power by an angry Tea Party and frustrated citizenry eager for dramatic change in Raleigh.   Here we are — two years later…

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TimmyWatch: Lea for NC Senate?

Moore County political insiders tell me to not be surprised  if retiring Moore County Commissioner Tim Lea files at the last minute for the NC Senate seat held by Republican Jerry Tillman of Randolph County.  If Lea files, he would join Tillman (the Senate majority…

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Senator Burr: Having it both ways with BarryO’s stimulus

      U.S. Senator Richard  Burr (R-NC) published a great piece the other day in The Charlotte Observer on the evils of BarryO’s stimulus: Three years ago, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Investment Act, better known as the stimulus bill, into law,…

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National Journal: Ellmers is NC’s most conservative Member of Congress

  National Journal, the non-partisan national publication dedicated to daily coverage of the U.S. Congress, has released its annual ideological rankings of Members of Congress.  It appears that the Tar Heel State’s newest Member of Congress, Renee Ellmers (R-2nd) has shot to the top of…

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Stupid IS as Stupid DOES …

                The Wake County GOP chairman’s description of Boss Bev as ‘dumb’,  and Pat McCrory’s subsequent tossing of said chairman under the bus for said comment, has received some national attention thanks to a Daily Caller column by…

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Have you seen THIS man?

          THIS is our lieutenant governor — Walter Dalton.  He wants to replace Bev in that big beautiful house on Blount Street.  Dalton HAS been one of the most low-key top dogs in Raleigh in decades.   A Democrat friend of…

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NCGOP campaign operatives bring back memories of 2008 GOP disasters

          We’ve got a historic chance to retake the governor’s office in 2012.  The NCGOP is staffing its command center with folks tied to some forgettable campaigns.  Take Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial campaign, for instance: The former executive director of the N.C….

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A lesson from Hoke County’s NUGGET-gate ?

Outrage and disbelief erupted nationally last week over reports that government inspectors have been inspecting pre-schooler lunches.  West Hoke Elementary School –with such poor academic performance that teachers are being bussed in for special after-school tutoring sessions — made national news when it was revealed…