#ncga: And the corporate welfare just keeps coming!

shakeI was intrigued when I saw “The Tax Relief Act of 2015” on the House agenda today.  It’s too bad that it’s relief ONLY for datacenters.  HB 934, introduced by Reps. (Jason) Saine, (John) Szoka and (Bill) Brawley, provides a sweet tax deduction for equipment and electricity used at specifically described — but unnamed — IT datacenters in North Carolina. 

I know. We all got our hopes up that this tax relief would be for ALL OF US. But Saine just finished introducing legislation giving local officials — moaning about loss of revenue to play with — new methods for draining our wallets.    It would be completely out of character for him to do something nice like that for those of us who don’t write FAT campaign donation checks.

Yes, “the conservative revolution” is humming along like a, um, finely tuned machine.