If GOP is so good on taxes, why isn’t Tax Freedom Day getting EARLIER?

shakeThe DC-based Tax Foundation coined the term “Tax Freedom Day” — which denotes the day Americans transition from working to pay their tax bill to working for themselves. 

The GOP has been in control of the North Carolina General Assembly since 2011, and the US House (where taxes originate)  since 2011.

In 2009, North Carolina’s Tax Freedom Day came on April 9.  In 2010, the last year Democrats controlled the North Carolina legislature, Tax Freedom Day for North Carolina fell on April 7. 

In 2011, North Carolina’s Tax Freedom Day fell on April 6.  

In 2012, North Carolina’s Tax Freedom Day fell on April 11.

In 2013, North Carolina’s Tax Freedom Day was April 10.   Ok, we got a one day break here.

In 2014, North Carolina’s Tax Freedom Day fell on April 14.  (South Carolina’s fell on April 9th that same year. )

In 2015, North Carolina’s Tax Freedom Day fell on April 16.   (Again, South Carolina’s big day was on April 9th.) 

What does all this mean?  It means we in North Carolina are having to work longer and harder to pay our combined state-federal tax burden, even though we’re represented by Republicans who talk a good game on taxes.  Sure, we’ll see one tax cut over here.  Then, we’ll get a rejiggering of the gas tax formula that gives us an increase.  Then, we’ll get a bill retroactively killing off tax exemptions — which pulls more money out of people’s pockets. 

We’re getting a lot of chest-thumping from the state GOP here in the wake of tax day.  But these Tax Freedom dates are troubling. We keep losing industry to South Carolina. Raleigh tells us we need to respond with more corporate welfare.  This Tax Freedom Day data appears to show that The Palmetto State is much more competitive — in terms of taxes — than we are here north of the border.


7 thoughts on “If GOP is so good on taxes, why isn’t Tax Freedom Day getting EARLIER?

  1. Every day I get sicker and sicker over the articles posted here and the abject failure of so many in the GOP — both here and in DC — to follow through on the promises and the conservative principles they campaigned on. But, we are really in trouble here in NC — and these folks, starting with RHINO-in-chief McCrory, have to go. Where are OUR truly conservative candidates???? Will anyone have the guts to take on McCrory and his cohorts? What about taking on corruptocrat June Atkinson, whose 12 year DPI tenure has produced one of the worst school systems in the country?? More importantly, we need candidates who are charismatic, have a sense of humor, are succinct in their messaging, do not take the Dems/liberal media bait, talk about issues that are relevant to everyday lives and will stand up for US. Where are they?????? It is all well and good to worry about DC but we are really hemorrhaging here.

    1. The good candidates are torpedoed by both the GOP and the media and the low information voters who take their talking points directly from either Fox news, the GOP or the leftist media. There are too many Republicans who dismiss the newer candidates because of one minor issue focused on by the talking heads. They will always default to the Thom Tillis type who is trotted out as the greatest thing since slice bread when in reality they have continually stabbed us in the back throughout their career.

    2. Next year will be the time for real conservatives to come out and do battle with the opportunists. As the military would say, it is a target rich environment with all the liberal votes that the GOP opportunists have been casting in Raleigh from gas taxes to corporate welfare to dozying up to the illegal aliens. Conservatives need to recruit some primary challengers.

  2. Come on. Get real.

    The GOP was out of power for a long time and never realized how much fun it is to spend tax money. Problem is they had been outside looking in for so long they actually started to believe that drivel that government should spend less and be smaller. Once they got in power they realized they could help their friends and hire their wife’s lazy brother. Hiring the brother-in-law makes for a happy home.

    If you are honest then you will agree that window shopping is fun but it is more fun to have cash in your pocket to make frivolous purchases.

    I think it was Bugs Bunny who said, “A conservative will remain true to his or her values until elected. Then they realize that being a tax & spend liberal is much more fun.”

    Maybe Shakespeare said that. Or Tupac.

    1. Conservatives do stay true to their values, and there are certainly some solid examples in the legislature. The problem is the opportunists who hide behind a false conservative label to get elected, but then revert to their true opportunist persona once elected. These need to be rooted out and removed.

  3. I think we need to lobby to have tax day moved closer to election day in November. It might give them a reality check. Just thinking.

    1. Make tax collection day the day of the elections and eliminate this incremental withholding. Let people see what they are actually paying. Too bad that 20% of the vote is a lock for the liberal candidates since they actually get paid with the earnings taken from others. Wouldn’t matter when tax collection day is for them. The top 20% of earners pay over 80% of the tax while the bottom 20% actually get free money. How is that fair?

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