#ncga: A mixed result from Wednesday’s hearings on amnesty bills

A Republican legislator’s bill that would give driver licenses to illegal aliens sailed through a GOP-dominated committee — as did a bill strengthening thespeedy requirement  for use of E-Verify background checks by employers:

 People living illegally in the U.S. could obtain a driver’s permit in North Carolina if they go through several legal hoops, under legislation that cleared a House committee Wednesday.

Enough members on a judiciary panel voted for the bill, which also would make it a felony to sell fake driver’s licenses and identification cards, and eliminate certain documents from foreign countries as being acceptable forms of proof for identification.

The key element in the measure is the state’s creation of a “restricted” driver’s permit and an identification card, which would expire after one year and not be valid for certain government benefits or to register to vote. Those seeking the permit or card would have to undergo a criminal background check and subject themselves to fingerprinting. Drivers also would have to show proof of auto insurance.

Rep. Harry Warren, R-Rowan, chief spokesman for the measure, said about 325,000 immigrants who are in the country illegally live in North Carolina. The cards would give police officers more information about them if they are pulled over, Rowan said.

This bill “has nothing to do with immigration, immigration law or immigration reform,” Warren told committee members. “This is a bill about law enforcement and public safety.”

It is hard for police to determine the credibility of the documents that immigrants currently carry, Warren said, such as foreign identification documents or IDs created by nonprofit immigrant-support groups.legis

Opponents of the measure said permits would only encourage more immigrants to live in North Carolina illegally and told lawmakers their constituents don’t want them.

“Giving driving permits to illegal aliens will not make our roads any safer,” said Ron Woodard, director of N.C. Listen, which seeks greater immigration restrictions. If drivers with these permit decide to cancel their car insurance, he told the committee, “who is going to find them or take away their permits?” […] 

James Johnson, with anti-amnesty group NCFIRE, had this to add:

Both H318- Protect NC Workers Act (E-verify fix) and H328- Highway Safety/Citizens Protection Act (illegal alien drivers license bill) passed their respective committee hearings.

We were happy to see H318 pass HOWEVER, we were extremely disappointed to see H328 pass, especially by a nearly unanimous decision. There is no record of who voted for/against this bill because it was done by voice vote only. It appeared to us, that there were approx 3 House Reps that opposed the bill and the rest all voted in favor of its’ passage.

This is very discouraging as it appears the NC House is all set to allow any and all illegal aliens in NC to obtain a “restricted” NC Drivers’ License (permit). It is no different than a “regular” NC Drivers’ License. They both allow you to drive LEGALLY in NC….legal citizen or not. wall

Both H318 and H328, have to pass one more House Committee hearing each, before they will be sent to the NC Senate for approval by 3 committee hearings and signed by the Gov., before they become law. So, all is not lost….yet!


NCFIRE upped the ante by putting out this statement bashing Warren’s driver license bill:

In response to the mis-information you are being given by Rep. Harry Warren (and others), about House Bill H328 – Highway Safety/Citizens Protection Act, make no mistake, this bill IS about “undocumented immigrants”, their ability to drive to the jobs they have taken away from unemployed citizens of N.C. and about making it easier to come to and remain in N.C.

In fact, under section 6 § 20-37.8A. (c) (5) (i) of this bill, it directly states: “A State agency or official shall not use any information submitted as part of the application process for a restricted identification card to seek the removal from the United States of the applicant or for any purpose other than the issuance of  the restricted identification card. Nor shall a State agency or official release information pertaining to the immigration status of an applicant for a restricted identification card, except where expressly required by law to do so. “
How do you like them apples?

Section 6 of this bill also allows for any and all illegal aliens in the State of North Carolina to be eligible to receive a “restricted” North Carolina Driver’s License/permit and/or N.C. ID card. This bill is not about licenses/permits/ID cards for the DACA approved illegal aliens in N.C. They are already receiving their “restricted” N.C. driver’s licenses/permits/ID cards. Upwards of 50,000 of them have been issued so far.

The reason the word restricted is in quotation marks is because the NC. driver’s license/permit/ID cards do have some limitations on them.crowd

Those are:

1) it can not be used to register to vote (you and I know that, but how many people who are registering people to vote, are going to know that or even abide by it?)
2) it can not be used as a legitimate ID to enter government buildings (big penalty huh?)
3) it can not be used to board aircraft (well, yes it can and the TSA in California is already allowing it: http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/01/29/democrats-lie-illegals-fly-new-ca-licenses-accepted-by-tsa/

Other than that, it is the exact same license as you and I received. It can be used as official identification and/or for driving purposes just like the one you have. There are no driving restrictions placed on the “restricted” driver’s license/permit. The Reps supporting it like to mince words and say it is “NOT A LICENSE”. It is a “RESTRICTED driving PERMIT”. Well what’s the difference if those are the only restrictions placed on it?

This has nothing to do with the “broken immigration system” or “the failure of Washington to do their job” excuses the Reps are espousing. The Supreme Court of the U.S. has ruled that States DO HAVE THE RIGHT to protect themselves by enforcing those very same Federal laws against illegal immigration, at the State level. In fact, anyone who fails to enact and enforce those laws at the State level is just as guilty of a dereliction of duty as our Legislators in D.C. are.

Quite frankly, lawmakers who actively support making it easier for illegal aliens in N.C. are, violating the U.S. Constitution (Title 8 – Chapter 12 – Subchapter II – Part VIII – § 1324 – Aiding, Abetting, Harboring, or Encouraging Illegal Aliens).state seal

They are violating their N.C. oath of office […] 

And they are violating North Carolina General Statute N.C.G.S. § 14-230. (willfully failing to discharge duties), North Carolina Constitution Art I Sec 5 (Allegiance to the United States) and Sec 29 (Treason against the State) and as such are guilty of misbehavior in office and should be charged with such.

On the one hand H328 offers some very good enforcement measures that deter illegal immigration into N.C., and on the other hand it offers a huge incentive for illegal aliens to come to N.C. , all within the same bill.

Why jump through all these hoops to accommodate illegal aliens who shouldn’t be here in the first place? Simply enforce the law, they will leave, and we won’t have to go through all these contortions. 

Why are we rewarding people who have broken the law, with a North Carolina driver’s license/permit? […]