#ncgop: She’s OUT! Carolyn Justice backs out of vice-chairman race

The former Pender County legislator was elected with much fanfare to replace Joyce Krawiec, who left the vice-chairman position to take carjuson a state Senate appointment.  Months ago, Justice was hailed with much fanfare as part of an establishment ticket to head the state party for the next two years.

But today, we got this piece of news via her Facebook page: 





This announcement leaves Lenoir County GOP chairman Michelle Nix as the only announced candidate for NCGOP vice-chairman.  Tenth congressional district GOP chairman Craig Collins — a clear establishment favorite — and Hasan Harnett — a Tea Party favorite and close ally of Charlotte area media personality and Tea Party activist Vince Coakley — are the two announced candidates for chairman.  An effort to draft Sixth District GOP chairman A.J. Daoud is still alive and well out there. 

8 thoughts on “#ncgop: She’s OUT! Carolyn Justice backs out of vice-chairman race

    1. I hope you are wrong on that. I am not real keen on either candidate for chairman, and I would like another option. I would definitely support Daoud for chairman, but if he goes to the establishment to run for vice chairman, then my respect for him ends. Heck, being a Congressional District chairman probably has more influence than state vice chairman. If he makes that swap, then he would be showing a lack of political savvy. And of course the women in the party always want to have a woman in one of those top jobs. Does the establishment really want to start a war on GOP women?

      At least the Richard Morgan issue has been put to rest.

      1. I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but my gut tells me that Daoud won’t cross McCrory so blatantly as to directly challenge his handpicked Chairman candidate.

        1. Daoud is likely running for ncgop-6 and nothing else. I don’t believe he has any compunction about crossing the Guv, though, if it served his purposes. But since he’s also an NC Lottery Commissioner, likely it isn’t.

    2. Adam, I think you’re wrong with this assumption. AJ has been a close ally to Michele and liberty groups throughout the state. AJ is almost too-large of a figure in the NCGOP to run for Vice-Chairman. I wouldn’t be surprised if he runs for Chairman, though.

  1. Hasan Harnett as Chairman and Michelle Nix as Vice Chair is a team who would represent Republicans well and generate excitement among the troops, which is currently sadly lacking. I hope those in power are smart enough to recognize that. Unless they change their ways soon they will be speaking to an empty hall at the convention.

    1. The party is nothing but a shell of itself in Mecklenburg. People didn’t like hearing the truth being aired in front of them last month, but nobody I know disagrees.


      This scene will probably repeat elsewhere as more people realize the party platform means nothing, and that the conventions are principally shake downs for donations.

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