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More proof the politicians are GOUGING us at the gas pump

  The American Petroleum Institute has prepared an eye-opening briefing on the total tax burden — by state — drivers are dealing with at the gas pumps.  According to API, North Carolina is ONE of SEVENTEEN U.S. states with a combined local, state, and federal…

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An option for NC conservatives with heartburn over the race for governor

  A lot of my fellow conservatives are grumbling about being force-fed a healthy dose of Pat McCrory by the “wise men” in Raleigh.  Those folks DO have at least ONE viable option in the May primary:  retired Superior Court Judge Paul Wright of Mount…

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Charlotte conservatives quiz, consider Pat McCrory

      Charlotte attorney Tom Ashcraft — a former US attorney and aide to Senator Jesse Helms — is a conservative leader in the Charlotte area who has been known to criticize that city’s former mayor (who just happens to be seeking a promotion…

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WRAL poll: Voters — even Republicans — give thumbs-down to NCGA

Voters gave Republicans a majority in the NC General Assembly and a clear mandate to cut government and taxes in 2010. Two years later, we’ve got minimal cuts in government and NOTHING in the way of tax relief.  We’ve got legislators close to the Speaker…

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WRAL Poll: The masses are NOT wowed by their governor choices

  If you need any further evidence of how foolish Pat McCrory’s run-out-the-clock, sit-on-a-lead strategy is for NC Republicans, you have to look no further than the WRAL / SurveyUSA poll o f  1001  likely voters on the 2012 North Carolina governor’s race released today. Former Charlotte…

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Don’t Debate Her. RUN OVER HER.

    Our highly unpopular governor is passing on running for reelection.  Our state’s economy is in the tank.  Our unemployment rate is higher than the national average.  The Tea Party pushed a GOP majority into power in the General Assembly with a clear mandate…

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Unemployment Rate UP in 95 of NC’s 100 counties

The North Carolina Department of Commerce has released figures showing unemployment rose during January in 95 of the state’s 100 counties.  (The rate decreased in three counties and held steady in two.) Wait. I thought Barry and Bev and their comrades at The N&O told…

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The Problem with Paul Stam

  Paul “Skip” Stam is the affable leader of the Republican majority in the NC House.  He was a compromise candidate for caucus leader elected in the wake of the Republican civil war initiated by Richard Morgan and his allies.  Stam was someone all parties…

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An opportunity for Pat McCrory with state employees

    In 1995 —  just as Jim Hunt was launching his unprecedented reelection campaign for a FOURTH term as NC governor — I broke a story about top Hunt aides and supporters reportedly shaking down prospective state employees and their families for campaign contributions….

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Marcum vs. Moore Republican Women: Is The Fix IN on NC Senate race?

        Pinehurst’s John Marcum is taking the Moore County Republican establishment to task.  Marcum, a GOP candidate in the May primary for the NC Senate district 29 seat, says the county party leadership is ignoring him and another candidate from Moore to…