#ncga: Chris Millis NOT DONE on renewable energy mandates

State Rep. Chris Millis may have been shot  down in committee  by ONE VOTE (15-16) in his effort to sunset the millisrenewable energy mandates and reduce EVERYONE’s power bills.  But he’s still fighting.  The Pender County Republican fired off THIS email to his colleagues today:

From: Rep. Chris Millis
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 12:24 PM
To: @House/Republican/Members
Subject: Public Staff Memo on the PCS for HB 681

Dear fellow members, please find attached to this email a memorandum prepared by our Public Staff (the entity that represents the energy ratepayer to the Utilities Commission) regarding the downward pressure on future energy cost in our state if the PCS to HB 681 is allowed to see passage into law. The technical memo addresses the matter completely, but I will point out the following statement: “Several components of the PCS could limit or reduce upward pressure on future rates…”.

Simply, we if do nothing this session we will continue to see rising energy prices that will rise at a rate greater than if we would simply pass the PCS to HB 681…this bill softly handles the matter…the bill moves to greatly protect our energy ratepayers and to set North Carolina up for further growth in the Southeast…

I have attached the memo for your use…

I have attached the PCS for HB 681 for your read…

I have provided a link to the committee transcript for your understanding…


And I ask the support of our caucus for this gracious compromise to address a part of our Republican Party Platform.

The PCS was voted down in committee 15-16 last week. With a proper understanding of what the bill does and the magnitude of the support behind this bill I strongly ask our Caucus to formally reconsider. Thank you all!

Rep. Chris Millis

NC House of Representatives
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 609
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925


Here is the version of the bill that got shot down in committee.  Here is the analysis from the Public Staff which suggests Millis’s bill could very well bring consumers’ utility bills down for years to come.   Both of these documents pretty thoroughly shoot down arguments by folks like, oh, Kelly Hastings suggesting that HB 681 is “too liberal” or a “tax increase.”  

HB 681 lightens the financial burden on North Carolinians for years to come.  It’s a no-brainer.  Connect with your legislators and tell them to get this DONE. 

4 thoughts on “#ncga: Chris Millis NOT DONE on renewable energy mandates

  1. We should remember here that it is policy and principle that are important. If the five who have gone off the reservation on the previous vote come to their senses, and vote as Republicans instead of wannabee Democrats and help pass HB681, then they should be forgiven and welcomed back into the fold.

    If they continue to vote like liberal Democrats and continue to thumb their nose at the official policy of the NCGOP as stated in the platform (”We call for the repeal . . . of the state renewable energy mandate”), then they have shown they have no party loyalty to the NCGOP, and it should be balls to the wall to take them down in the primaries so they do not upset the applecart on GOP policy in the next legislature. Party loyalty is a two way street, and if they show no loyalty to party positions, nobody in the party should have the slightest bit of loyalty to them.

    I would say that the ball is in their court. Thanks to Rep. Millis, it looks like they may have an opportunity to redeem themselves.

    Rep. Millis is a breath of fresh air. He is the type of leader the Republican Party desperately needs these days.

  2. Chris Millis is just like those awful Republicans who stole Florida and my presidency back in 2000.

    We need more Republicans who love polar bears and will throw their own party under the bus to help the hard core environmental movement. Chris Millis is not one of them.

  3. Thank goodness for Chris Millis, looking out for all North Carolina citizens, even when his colleagues look the other way. Rep. Millis understands that it is not the role of government yo pick winners and loser and that when the gov engages in this practice the citizens always lose in the end.

    Chris Millis understands bold conservative values and ideas. Conservatives from across the State need to rally around him and let him know we have his back.

  4. Chris Millis is one of the best Representatives we have in the NCGA. In addition to his stellar conservatism, he is also a friendly and humble guy. He will not back down, and I would rather stand on the side of Chris Millis and John Blust than whimper on the side of Kelly Hastings. Supporting crony capitalism (in any form) is NOT conservatism.

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