Hey, drive-bys! Your dishonesty is showing.

Yhelmsou know, it’s really something to read reverential treatment of the late great Jesse Helms in the pages of that miserable, dying propaganda rag on Raleigh’s McDowell Street.  Those cretins spent decades viciously smearing the man. They questioned his intelligence, mocked his personal appearance, and told vicious lie after lie about his political positions. Now, after he’s dead and buried, they’re trying to tell us ol’ Jesse would have wanted Adam and Steve to get married, and for any baker or florist who refused to provide for the “wedding” to be publicly crucified.

Sorry, Rob (and you too, Mr. Drescher).  Your dishonesty is showing.  In whipping up fear about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) , the drive-bys on McDowell Street and elsewhere have neglected to mention the origins of the federal law that has rob.fwnow spread to 28 states.  In 1993, the Democrats were mad because the courts and the Justice Department wouldn’t let some Indians out west smoke peyote as part of their “religion.” Never ones to pass up an attempt to side with a racial minority being oppressed by whitey, Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy jumped into action.  They were determined to let these people smoke their weed, unmolested by the DEA, and know the Democrat Party made it happen.

Senator Helms saw this for what it was.  He wasn’t interested in creating a loophole to legalize the smoking of peyote. He slugged it out in a losing effort.  (Aah, the good ol’ days of principled politicians sticking to their guns and fighting for what they believe – -what they told the voters they were going to do.) 

Fast forward to 2015.  We have fascist mobs shouting down, threatening and assaulting anything or anyone who dares to question or defy the left-wing agenda.  Tolerance is great — as long as you’re tolerating what THEY LIKE. 

helms1We’ve got activist judges in North Carolina overruling the will of the people by declaring gays can get married. We’ve got a judge legislating public education policy from the bench.  In Oregon and Washington, you have a baker and a florist being driven into bankruptcy for daring to refuse to happily participate in a gay “marriage.”  Leftist ideologues on the bench and in government offices are making up the rules as they go along. And those of us — who live and breath in the real world – -are left with very little recourse.

Jesse Helms was ALWAYS about keeping the government off the back, and out of the business, of the average, working, law-abiding person.  He, like so many other Christians, was never about oppressing gays.  He didn’t want their POV / lifestyle forcibly shoved his face, or the faces of his children and grandchildren.

It’s one thing to demand that people stop harassing you for being YOU.  It’s another thing to bash people who simply don’t want to play by YOUR RULES, and only want to be LEFT ALONE.  RFRA offers some shelter to people of faith who only want to live their lives in line with their God’s teachings, without being mauled by the progressive mob.