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The BIG stupid smear

This is what got it all started:   You’ll  notice in the second tweet,  the media and the Democrats took “the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” and twisted it into “go back to your places of origin”.    (Actually, many…

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Will ‘Lady Parts!’ become the rallying cry for the GOPe in 2020?

  (I always thought ‘lower taxes’ and ‘less government’ and ‘kill the bill’ were more effective at election time. But, I digress.)   The drive-by media and their Democrat handlers have long championed the importance of quotas and the compartmentalization of people.  The GOP supposedly…

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Tillis fanboy surfaces as a leading contender for NCGOP ED

  We’ve been throwing out names of potential executive director candidates that have made their way back to us.  One more needs to be added to the list:  NC DPI general counsel (and deputy general counsel to Speaker Timmy)  Jonathan Sink.   There is an…

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Hey, Greenville. You’ve got company coming.

  The GOP runoff primary election for the Third Congressional District will be complete on July 9.

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N&O troll tries to clothesline Lt. Dan

  I swear.  Being vicious, smarmy, and dishonest must be a written-in-stone requirement for political writers at The money-bleeding, floundering N&O.  The little special-needs Speck boy currently holding down the job seems to keep himself afloat by cribbing from The Internet.  The Speck boy is…

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‘Draining the swamp’? Officially, now a JOKE.

    With President Trump’s endorsement of the man whose biggest dream upon arriving in DC was chairing the National Republican Senatorial Committee,  we can officially attach a ‘jk’  (just kidding) emoji to Trump’s whole ‘Drain The Swamp meme.   Trump came out with an…

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Oh, look! Even MORE polling. (Cooper over Forest. Tillis in the toilet.)

  Civitas has teamed up with Harper polling to  take state voters’ temperature about the 2020 election.  Here’s some of what they found:     Granted, this was taken earlier this month. Cooper’s lead is outside the margin of error, but that 16% undecided number…

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Tillis: Being ‘Too Conservative’ is HARD.

  You wonder how some people have the gall to claim  what they claim.  Political uber-consultant Paul Shumaker has this template for his clients where they try to hide their ‘Screw Trump’ track record with a bunch of ‘I LOVE DJT’ babbling.  It didn’t work…

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“Gunning” for Lt. Dan?

  She’s only been in big league politics since 2015.  But SOMEONE — reportedly associates of senator Thom Tillis —  is promoting a gubernatorial run by state Rep. Holly Grange (R-Wilmington.)     In her first race — a special election — Grange was hit…

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Family Values crowd spooked by Tillis

  The North Carolina Values Coalition, arguably the largest and most powerful  social conservative lobby in the state,  is expressing their concerns about our junior US senator in a recent email blast to supporters:   […] After passage of the so-called “Equality Act” by the…