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#ncga: Steve Tyson reportedly eyeing Speciale seat

  The smoke is just starting to clear from conservative icon Mike Speciale’s bombshell announcement of his departure from Jones  Street (and his Craven County-based House seat).   My moles in that neck of the woods report that local businessman and political figure Steve Tyson…

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Do what you were elected to do, and the sharks come for you

    It’s a sad state of affairs that the three most likely folks to draw well-funded opponents in 2020 are treasurer Dale Folwell, insurance commissioner Mike Causey, and auditor Beth Wood.  All three have done an outstanding job of looking out for the little…

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NC-03: Just sworn in, and already gets a 2020 primary opponent

    It looks like this district’s reputation for Republican slugfests at congressional primary time will continue on past the Walter Jones era.  Greg Murphy — after running in a primary, runoff, AND general election — has JUST been sworn in as the district’s new…

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#ncga: Speciale NOT running for reelection in 2020

    Wow.  The number of bona fide conservatives is rapidly dwindling away in the North Carolina House.  Some have retired — as the result of frustration over a gerrymandered district, or to take on a bigger, better opportunity, or out of frustration with the…

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#ncpol: Holly Grange throws a fit

  “Do you know WHO I am ?????”   That’s a question that likely opens a lot of doors for state Rep. Holly Grange in the vicinity of Raleigh’s Jones Street and among Wilmington’s country-club set.  But earlier this week — out among “the real…

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Weasels. Everywhere we look. WEASELS!

  We opened the door earlier on this subject — folks in the NCGOPe selling out and throwing in with the same enviro-wackos who have been trying to kill the party’s candidates for decades.   Well, we’ve found more.   Matt Bales was the political…

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The unholy alliance between abortionists and the enviro-wackos

  This is something that has folks on the left and the right perturbed.  (For different reasons, though.)  One of the more significant money-men behind this political alliance is apparently a North Carolinian named Fred Stanback.   Here’s the story on the moneyed Salisbury resident…

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“Identity Politics” claim puts Dems on defense

  GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Dan Forest denounced ‘identity politics’  during the official kickoff for his campaign.  What was he talking about?  The leftist habit of hyphenating Americans, pigeonholing them, and then throwing something to each group that votes, um, “right.”   Leftists are throwing a,…

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RINO Stampede! (David Lewis & Harnett mafia dump Nee-Nee, gallop to Gebhardt)

  Renee Ellmers is not raising any money.  And that’s mostly what her RINO friends in Wake and Harnett counties care about.  It appears the David Lewis machine is gravitating rapidly toward former Lewis aide, current solar lobbyist, and failed RNC committeeman candidate Greg Gebhardt….

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#ncpol: Cooper, his nutty followers side with illegal alien criminals

  It is absolutely astounding that a major political party in this country is openly advocating the obstruction of a federal law enforcement agency’s work.  It’s even more astonishing that Governor Roy Cooper – our state’s most recent past chief law enforcement officer –  is…