Showing ID at the polls STILL “racist”


Apparently,  the OK sign is racist.  (But the Democrat governor of Virginia wearing blackface is NOT.)


In the 1950s and 60s,  liberals got all bent out of shape because people were justifiably labeling them  as Marxists and communists and so forth.  It was all an attack on free speech, they argued.  It was just a ploy to shut them up and sideline them, they said.


Fast forward to the present.  Want to shut up a white conservative-leaning person?  Call them  RACIST.  Nobody — and I mean NOBODY — wants to be tagged as a RACIST.   It’s the new “communist.”   So,  white, conservative-leaning,  church-going people tend to respond by shutting up and letting the name-callers run wild, doing whatever they wish.


More than  80 percent of the state of North Carolina voted to approve what seems like a very reasonable proposition — be able to absolutely, without a doubt,  prove WHO YOU ARE when exercising your sacred right to vote.  Yet, a federal judge was found who struck the vote (and concept) down as “racist.”


The GOP-controlled legislature in Raleigh went back to work and amended the law to allow pretty much everything short of cereal box tops as proof of ID.  Did that work?  Nope.  STILL racist:


Racial discrimination was at least part of the motivation for a new voter ID law in North Carolina, a federal judge wrote Tuesday, striking the law down for now.


In a 60-page ruling evoking decades of racism in North Carolina, the judge wrote that parts of the new voter ID law “were impermissibly motivated, at least in part, by discriminatory intent.”


“North Carolina has a sordid history of racial discrimination and voter suppression stretching back to the time of slavery, through the era of Jim Crow, and, crucially, continuing up to the present day,” she wrote. […]


*You’ve got to looooooove all that legal precedent and factual content from The Constitution itself she’s using to buttress her opinion.  *




The judge, Loretta Biggs, got approved for her seat on the federal bench during Kay Hagan’s last month in office.  There was a Democrat majority.  But we did have Richard Burr as our other senator.  There has been a long-standing rule in the Senate that if EVEN ONE  of the two senators from the state the judge will serve in objects,  there will be no vote on approving the nomination.  Democrats have used that rule effectively for decades in blocking conservative nominees to the bench.  All  Burr had to do was submit some documentation to Senate leadership objecting to this nut being given a lifetime appointment, and it could have been  delayed infinitely.  (Apparently,  Burr thought she was OK.)




[…] The last time North Carolina’s Republican-led General Assembly passed a voter ID law, in 2013, it was also struck down for racial discrimination. However, GOP leaders have repeatedly said they believed this newer version of the law, which was passed a year ago, avoided the racial issues the previous law ran into.

Loretta Biggs, a federal district court judge appointed by President Barack Obama, disagreed.

She wrote that “racial discrimination and racial polarization have historically pervaded North Carolina’s political climate — and still do.”



Her ruling means that although voters statewide approved a voter ID mandate as an amendment to the state constitution in the 2018 elections, people most likely will be able to vote without showing ID in at least the March primary election.


The issue of the general election in November is still unsettled, since it’s possible this issue could go to trial before then. Biggs wrote that “no voter ID will be required in the upcoming election cycle unless otherwise ordered by the Court.”


The lawsuit was filed last year by the North Carolina NAACP against state government leaders including Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper and the members of the State Board of Elections. Cooper has opposed voter ID in the past, however — he vetoed the law, unsuccessfully, when the legislature passed it in a lame-duck session in December 2018 — and Republican lawmakers have said they’re concerned about the law being rigorously defended by the state, since they’re not part of the lawsuit.

Biggs announced last week that this decision would be coming soon. After she did so, N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger, a Republican from Rockingham County, criticized her and called on Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein to appeal her decision. […]


Once again,  elections have consequences.  We keep electing spineless Burr, and he keeps allowing leftist judges on the bench.   In 2016, the GOP nominee for attorney general failed to get approval from his wife to launch his campaign.  So, we have Josh Stein.



We had evidence — from his time in the state Senate — that Stein was a hardline Leninist ideologue who doesn’t care what those other than his comrades inside the boundaries of Wake and Orange and Durham counties think.  


Left does a better job at campaigning.  They have a simple formula — be Santa Claus and scream “RACIST” or “SEXIST” or just “BIGOT” every so often. Republicans roll over and show their tummies every time it’s done.


The saddest part for our state and our country is that their campaign tactics  get extended to the state and federal benches,  and the chambers of the state and federal legislative branches.


SO, using this woman’s logic,  will blacks be exempt from having to obtain driver licenses in order to operate cars?  Will they no longer have to produce ID upon request by police?   They just passed a law making the new age for buying cigarettes 21.  How do you prove THAT, and therefore buy smokes,  without an ID?



Josh Stein will not appeal this.  Who’s going to make him?  Roy Cooper did little to nothing as AG for 16 years and got elected governor.  (All those rape kits sat untested.  Local governments had to hire their own private CSI labs because Roy’s crime lab was so backed up and screwed up.)



Having Paul Shumaker drum up some weak-sister sucker candidate is not going to solve this.  Constitutional conservatives need to get on a war footing  behind a serious, trustworthy candidate.  You’ve got Roy Cooper’s favorite  (and Paul Shumaker’s boy) Jim O’Neill,  and a guy named Sam Hayes.  And a lady named Christine Mumma.


Josh Stein is grossly unqualified to serve even as substitute teacher in your kid’s Sunday School class.  For him to go away, he just needs worthy opposition.