RINO hunting season in full-swing


We’ve told you about Supreme Court candidate Tamara Barringer– the former state senator once tied to a PAC whose mission was to primary conservative critics of Jim Black and Richard Morgan.  We’ve told you about the Moore  County D.A. candidate , running as a Republican, who gave money repeatedly to Barack Hussein Obama and Trump nemesis Adam Schiff. 


We’ve also told you about down-east District Court judge Tim “the Ultimate RINO” Smith who was appointed to the bench by Roy Cooper and gave a lot of money to Dems, but is now running for election to a full term as a Republican.


We’ve found another one to add to our March primary watch list in the judicial district that is made up of Craven, Carteret and Pamlico counties.   That is Mike Speciale and Norman Sanderson country.


We don’t have to tell you how conservative the voters are down there.  The RINO there is  Judge Peter Mack, who was appointed to an open seat by Governor Mike Easley back in 2003.  Mack was a loyal Democrat who supported Democrat candidates with his money  (just over $13,000 and not a dime to Republicans).   He made the switch to Republican in mid- 2012.  At least he was smart enough to quit giving money to Dems after he switched.   But that seems to be where his good sense stopped.


This guy lives in the heart of Trump country but makes a habit of ripping the President a new one on Facebook. Before you get too excited and go looking, Mack has deleted these posts from his page but like so many people, he failed to think about that simple keyboard shortcut known as “Screen Capture”.





Although there’s plenty of other questionable posts that show he is anything but a conservative Republican, we will start at the top with his feelings for our President.


First of all, Mack says John Kasich was his  choice for President and wishes he would run in 2020.  And for those of you who support President Trump; you are “Trump Thumpers”.  and will believe anything the President tells you, comparing it to Hitler’s rise to power.   He calls President Trump “pathetic” in another  post.


In another, he agrees with an editorial stating Trump’s behavior is the “Greatest Threat to Our Democracy”.  (Point of clarification: We are not a Democracy.  We are a Constitutional Republic.  A judge should know the difference.)


Judge Mack says the President wants to turn our nation into a “quasi-dictatorship” like Russia and all he cares about is money. He questions Trump’s support of the military.  Mack, of course, doesn’t leave out his opinion that the wall won’t work and criticism of the President’’s economic policies.


And before you start playing devil’s advocate and say it’s all about Trump, check out these stances on a few other key issues from this Republican In Name Only.


Mack agreed with a Wake County Judge who struck down the Voter ID law.  Real conservative viewpoint there. He also posts “You really  want to talk about Election/Voter Fraud?  Read this article!!”  It is linked to an article about the Mark Harris election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.  The list goes on and on.  You can’t find anything remotely pro-Republican or conservative anywhere.  And why should you?  He’s a registered Republican because that’s the only chance he has of ever getting elected in that district.



So if you’re a conservative in that district, you know who you aren’t voting for. Which brings us to the next strange twist in this RINO’s tale.


Peter Mack filed for re-election but after he got not one but two Republican Primary challengers, he had a sudden change of heart.  He said his name will be on the ballot but he’s not actively seeking the office.   Instead, he threw his support behind one of his challengers.   (Take a deep breath for this one.)


The RINO judge who spends his time bashing President Trump on Facebook is supporting Jennifer Dacey to take his seat on the bench.    Does the Dacey name sound familiar?


It should.  She’s the wife of Washington DC-based Indian casino lobbyist and wanna-be-Third-District-congressman Scott Dacey.   (You can’t make this stuff up.)