The Dacey Family Business: Run for SOMETHING. Hug up to Trump. (Repeat.)



We told  you earlier about Judge Peter Mack down on the coast.


On December 19th, the next to last day of filing, Jennifer Dacey – wife to Indian casino lobbyist and failed congressional candidate Scott — filed to run AGAINST Mack The Knife RINO  in a Republican primary.




This had to come as a shock to most political insiders down east.  Although Mrs. Dacey has a law license,   she has little courtroom experience.  It’s doubtful many local folks KNEW she is an  attorney.


We’re told Mrs. Dacey went to a Republican Christmas party the night of her filing and told everyone she’s going to “Drain the Swamp” and take down this RINO judge Mack.



The next morning, December 20th at 6:36 am, Judge Peter Mack goes on Facebook and says he is running for re-election opposed by Dacey and needs everyone’s support.


Then, shortly before the noon deadline for filing to close, another player decides to enter the fray:  Andrew Wigmore.   This reportedly surprised most local political observers – EVEN Mrs.  Dacey.


Since it was now a threesome and no  longer TWO going head-to-head,  Dacey had to change her strategy.  She wasn’t just taking on a RINO incumbent.  She was also facing a good conservative and Republican with a solid courtroom record.


So, as most  politicos took a  break for Christmas and New Year’s,  Mack The RINO decided to drop a bombshell.


On New Year’s Eve, Mack wrote on Facebook that,  because of physical ailments, he is going to retire in December 2020.  Although his name will be on the ballot, he says he will not actively campaign.


In less than a week he goes from asking for votes to saying he’s out.


In that same NYE Facebook post, Mack throws his support behind Jennifer Dacey.  The incumbent  RINO judge was now supporting the candidate who implied he was part of “The Swamp,” who brought his RINO ways to the forefront, even though she has little courtroom experience.


Maybe even more confusing is Jennifer Dacey gladly accepting the endorsement of a Trump hater and puts it front & center in her campaign literature.  Judge Mack is even escorting her around the courthouse introducing her to members of the legal community. (Remember, she is rarely there as a practicing attorney so this is an initial introduction for most.)





How is the local Republican base taking all of this?   Of course there’s a big contingent in that area that just don’t like the Daceys.  Jennifer was an active and very aggressive part of her husband Indian casino lobbyist Scott Dacey’s congressional campaign and last year’s Joan Perry campaign.


(You remember Joan Perry.  She’s the one who did an endorsement commercial for a Democrat. )


Stories about The Dacey Family’s method for dealing with Republicans who don’t see things their way are in plentiful supply.


There was the time hubby (and Indian casino lobbyist) Scott (reportedly) publicly confronted a Walter Jones campaign worker.    Jennifer got into a Facebook war during the last election when a Republican Women’s Club told her she was breaking club rules with her attacks.


The predominant reaction we’re getting from the legal community in that judicial district about the Dacey campaign?  Fear and anxiety.   Many are worried about what they see as Jennifer Dacey’s thin courtroom resume and how that could affect the work of the local courts.  Some of these folks (who happen to have  lots of courtroom experience) have gone as far as suggesting Jennifer Dacey is unqualified to serve as a judge.


Jennifer Dacey has addressed the issue of inexperience in recent campaign meetings. Specifically, she has cited a volunteer program  called Guardian Ad Litem.  It’s a great program that helps troubled kids, but you or I could volunteer to do what she did.


Other than that, Jennifer Dacey did research work for a few years for a law firm in New Bern.


 Her latest response about her lack of experience came right out of her husbands failed congressional campaign:   “Donald Trump didn’t have any experience and look what a great job he’s doing”.


The problem with Jennifer Dacey’s Trump analogy is that Donald Trump’s lack of experience in politics was his biggest asset.   For years there has been a call for a more business-like approach to government and to have a President who had more of a background of a CEO.


 Trump fit the bill.  He was just what a big portion of Americans were looking for.   I’m sorry, but anyone who understands how our legal system works wouldn’t want someone with little courtroom experience being a judge.


Years spent on the defense or prosecution side of the courtroom is where the career path to the judge’s bench passes through.   Being a judge is not the place for on the job training.


Dacey is sticking to the rhetoric, saying Trump is “Draining the Swamp” in Washington and she will “Drain the Swamp” in the courthouse.  This is a puzzling statement considering that is one of the most conservative judicial districts in the state. There are seated judges who regularly go to Tea Party and Taxpayer Association meetings. (They frequent this web site.)


Calling this legal community “the Swamp” just doesn’t pass the smell test.  Of course, the one glaring exception is RINO Judge Peter Mack.   Jennifer Dacey seems to use his name as much as Donald Trump.  Does this make any sense to you?  How does Jennifer Dacey think she is going to pull off this juggling act? Say one thing in front of the Tea Party, Say one thing in front of the Republicans, and another in the courthouse.


It all comes down to Andrew Wigmore to help voters in this region dodge a bullet.  I’m not sure that Wigmore has the financial resources to get his message out or whether that message will be effective enough to cut through the political clutter of a Presidential Election year.


Do you think the local newspapers in the area are going to do this kind of reporting on this race?  Don’t hold your breath.


It’s up to the good conservatives of that area to spread the word.   Otherwise,  you’re going to be trading in a RINO judge for a politico without the legal experience to do the job.


20 thoughts on “The Dacey Family Business: Run for SOMETHING. Hug up to Trump. (Repeat.)

  1. Thank you mike speciale for your clarification, Gender is not a qualification. The constitution is the qualification. We the people have to need to persevere against the establishment, aka “The Swamp”

  2. So, I’ve read the article and I have one question: has Dacey ever practiced law in district court in North Carolina? I mean has she ever represented a client? If yes, I hope she clarifies soon. If no, why is she even running? What qualifies her?

    1. HT,
      On her Facebook page, I asked that question and got blocked and put in Facebook Jail. She really does not like being asked about whether she has even practiced law in District Court. Must have something to hide.

    2. This nonsense has got to stop! Just because she has not been in the courts as much as others, you people act like she is not qualified. She chose to do the right thing and be a stay at home mom and perform the most important and difficult job in world, RAISING HER CHILDREN. Now people are trying to use this against her. I for one will not stand for this, the fact she has or has not represented people in district court is not relevant her life experience is. Besides I have heard her make it quite clear she has done divorce cases in federal court in Virginia, where they have a one year timeline to finish cases. I’m quite certain if she can handle a divorce case big enough it had to be done under federal divorce laws she can handle anything that comes up in our courts and she should be elected and as a matter of fact, we all would have been better off if Scott had been elected because with his leadership skills he probably could have stopped this ridiculous impeachment of our President. Another outsider Like Jennifer.

      1. To say that a lack of courtroom experience is not important in someone running for a Judgeship is nonsense. It was because of a lack of knowledge of courtroom procedures that N.C. changed the law in 1981 that previously allowed anyone to run to become a Judge. You must now be an Attorney, the presumption being that you will have had enough courtroom and legal experience to know the law and courtroom procedures. Simply passing the Bar Exam is not experience enough.
        In this particular election, one candidate (Andrew Wigmore) has years of courtroom experience and one does not.

        1. As usual, Mike is right. First, at least Andrew Wigmore saved us from choosing libtard Peter Mack or Jennifer “I want a job (any job)”
          Dacey. Women are not better or worse judges or doctors or anything else because of their sex organs. Identity politics is a game Democrat party candidates play.
          Conservatives don’t care about that stuff.

        2. Mike,
          You can support Wigmore, that is your right to do so. But lets live in reality here. My father served in law enforcement for 30 years in Carteret County and I served as a Deputy Clerk in Onslow, while Wigmore may have more courtroom experience, that holds little weight. All experience isn’t good experience. Wigmore has
          a reputation of not showing up to work. His work ethic has a lot to left to be desired.

          If anyone actually is paying attention, The haymaker only attacks Doug Raymond’s clients opponents. Just ask Bob Steinberg when he ran against Clark Twiddy. You even faced some criticism in the race for Congress.

          Jennifer was the first candidate to file against Mack. She can’t help she was born a female. I’m so sorry that bothers you, but it’s not like she’s using it as a focal point of her campaign.

          1. Where do you see in my comments that her being a woman bothers me? I said gender is not relevant. You obviously don’t support Wigmore and that is your prerogative, but nothing in my comments denigrates Dacey. I wish both candidates well, but I am supporting Wigmore.

          2. Ms. Overby, tell us what the focus point of her campaign is? From what I’ve seen on the campaign trail- she touts her likeness to Trump and to being a female. She is draining the swamp! Jennifer is going to be judge because she is like Trump and is a woman! Who cares if she has ever been to court in North Carolina! Wigmore can get more experience practicing in front of Judge Dacey! She might teach him a thing or two!

      2. saying that he could have stopped the impeachment if he was elected is clearly a bigger lie then the lies in spoken in the Senate this week

      3. Does the fact that I worked while raising my children (and continue to do so) make me a bad mother?
        What “swamp”? That is ‘cute’. Come see for yourself

  3. I can’t believe you have the nerve to bring up identity politics. This whole article is nothing but identity politics. It is clear that this is nothing but jealousy because Jennifer’s husband is smart and hard working (just like she is). This is a typical democratic attack trying to attack her and her lovely family because her husband’s hard work allowed her to raise a family and still accumulate the wealth to live a decent middle class life. This seems to me to be a typical Obama class warfare move. Even though, like Jennifer, I disagree strongly with RINO Mack’s politics, I will point he has been a judge for over 15 years and even he recognizes she has the experience and temperament to be his replacement. Andrew is just trying to be opportunistic by filing at the 11th hour.

  4. I’m with Peg. I’d rather have a woman with no experience than a man with experience. In 20 years they will compare Jennifer Dacey to Sandra Day OConnor.

  5. So obviously you would be fine with your podiatrist performing open heart surgery on you as long as they were a woman and you liked them. Experience really doesn’t matter to you. Interesting POV but no thanks.
    And what gender a candidate is regardless of the race should not matter. It’s their experience that counts. Throwing that into the conversation sounds like another Party’s talking points, not Republicans.
    BTW. I’m a woman.

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