Bob Pittenger joins Burr & Ellmers in ObamaCare surrender





Charlotte’s rookie congressman has apparently decided that pleasing John Boehner and Eric Cantor is more important than saving the country and protecting the folks back home.  He told a crowd at a town hall meeting this week that he will not sign on to the effort to remove ObamaCare funding from any continuing resolution that might be passed to keep the government bureaucracy running.

US Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is leading the defunding fight in the upper chamber, while Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC-11) is leading the effort in the House.  Both men are encouraging their colleagues in their respective chambers to not support ANY legislation to keep the government running that includes ObamaCare funding.  When Congress returns to DC in September, they will vote on a piece of legislation that provides temporary funding for the federal bureaucracy as we move into our fourth year without a federal budget. 

(Set aside ObamaCare for a minute.  The real outrage here is that “the honorables” are shirking their constitutional duty to pass a budget.)

Our senior US senator, Richard Burr, has already told us this effort is “the dumbest idea” he’s heard of.  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC-2) has told us she is “absolutely not” signing on to the Meadows effort.

The reason these people in the House have their majority and their chairmanships — in the first place — is because we wanted someone to step up and fight this impending bureaucratic and financial nightmare.  Instead, we got told to wait until the Supreme Court knocks ObamaCare down.  They didn’t do it.  Then we got sad stories about how Harry Reid won’t let them defund ObamaCare.

Who cares??  Fight it tooth-and-nail.

Spending originates in the House.  That’s what that old piece of paper in the National Archives says.  Send legislation to the Senate that doesn’t include ObamaCare funding.  Put the Democrat majority there on the spot.  They can vote down legislation that funds the government (minus ObamaCare funding) or refuse to approve it and provide the catalyst for a government shutdown.

Make Reid — and all of these Dems up before the voters in 2014 — OWN ObamaCare.  Make it clear to the voters that — when this thing gets implemented and the excrement hits the fan — the GOP had nothing to do with it. It’s hard to argue that when you’re throwing up your hands and allowing it to get funded. 

Renee Ellmers babbled something about “trading one economic disaster for another.”  I think she’s talking about a government shutdown being an economic disaster. There’s nothing out there to support that assertion. In 1995, the GOP got beat up in the media. But they gained Senate seats and had negligible losses in the House.  The effort paved the way for a continued GOP majority,  welfare reform, a balanced budget, and a period of economic growth.  Some disaster. 

If the GOP, the alleged conservative party,  is refusing to fight the highly-unpopular ObamaCare legislation out of the fear of bad publicity, then all is truly lost. 


4 thoughts on “Bob Pittenger joins Burr & Ellmers in ObamaCare surrender

  1. Couple of thoughts….

    “Who cares?? Fight it tooth-and-nail.”…….This is why we don’t send Tillis to Washington…his big plan is to “reach across the aisle”.

    Still waiting to hear if Coble and Holding join the other surrender monkeys….

    And finally, Renee Ellmers…..right now, I think she’s remarkably politically obtuse…but if she wins another term, I’ll be proven wrong. It’s her district that’s obtuse.

  2. If you want to see something particularly disturbing, check out Pittenger’s home page:

    His pledge on there seems to directly contradict his current stance.

    For more absurdity, move on to his Facebook, where he cleaned up a bunch of references to this statement from several people (gotta love censorship) and posted a big graphic that leads with his bill introduced to defund Obamacare…

    Toss him some traffic to keep his moderator’s busy!

    These statements about “Harry Reid won’t let us” are a cop-out.
    Article 1, Section. 7.
    All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

    If Harry Reid wants to throw a fit and reject any House Budget that doesn’t include ACA funding, that is Reids problem. When GOP won a bunch of House seats running on promises to stop ACA, did they think it would be easy or done without a fight?

    Perhaps Burr and Pittenger and company could take a cue from our State GOP Chairman, Claude Pope, and read his resolution calling for defunding!

    (link to the resolution)

  3. Why is anyone surprised? The GOP has proved itself to be nothing more than a “bait and switch” operation for gullible conservatives. The $17 trillion dollar national debt would not exist except for Republicans going along with the Democrats on wasteful spending. The Republican establishment in Washington is rotten to the core.

  4. Reps. Pittenger, Elmers, Burr, and every republican who refuse to defund the ACA demonstrate they are a bunch of amoral apparatchiks who conspire to tell the public the big lie in order to continue to ruthlessly grow the government to benefit their own self-interest, and maintain their unchecked, unconstitutional abuse of power.
    It’s an ominous sign that the NCGOP has not announced that every incumbent who is against defunding will be challenged by vetted tea-party conservatives.
    The ACA is not about health-care; it’s all about control via rationing and denial of treatment based on age and cost.

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