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#ncpol: We are seeing the future. (And it looks like Georgia.)

Well, lookee here: The Education Department said Wednesday that it is investigating whether a Georgia school district’s policy allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice created a “hostile environment” for a 5-year-old girl who said she was sexually assaulted in a school bathroom.[….] *Using the Christine Ballsy…

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Fed judge: NC trannies NOT BARRED from opposite-sex restrooms

Any legislator who voted for HB142, the alleged compromise meant to soothe the rabid liberal media and PayPal among others, actually voted to allow dudes who look like ladies to powder their noses right alongside your mom, wife, daughter, sister, or girlfriend. And the LGBTQXYZ crowd could not be gayer…

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#ncga: White NC Dem thinks he’s black. In post-HB2 NC, why not?

What is it about white Democrat politicians running away from what they are? We heard about one white Democrat legislator ashamed of being white. It sounds like we’ve got another one on our hands: Asked about promoting diversity in North Carolina, a candidate for the state House said it’s not…

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Some HB2 Karma

Remember all of those people who said we should let people pick which bathroom they want to use based on the gender with which they “identify”? Well, look what this whole “identify”-ing craze has wrought: A 38-year-old Chicago man accused of molesting three pre-teen girls told police he is a…

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Repealing HB2=Protecting Women in the Bathroom ??? (Hunh.)

      Conservative Leadership Coalition.  THAT, my friends, is a group set up by your NC House Republican Caucus,and financed by a lot of special interests shaken down by the leadership of said caucus, meant to spin and explain away some of the charlie foxtrots from this session —…

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#ncga: Voting YES is like voting NO. (*Seriously.*)

State Rep. Frank Iler (R-Brunswick), who took a walk on the vote to repeal HB2, tried to explain himself to his constituents in an April 4 newsletter: […] Thursday we had a controversial bill, House Bill 142 – Reset of S.L. 2016-3, come to the floor hurriedly for a vote….

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(It Begins!) UNC SOG says Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity policies now OKAY for local government contracts

The NCGOPe is spinning hard – trying to tell us the big changes in HB2 are put off until at least 2020.  But at least one leading House Republican — in an email to his colleagues today — is suggesting that ain’t exactly so:  Subject: HB2 Reset Beyond Bathrooms ….

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#ncga: Sic ‘im on a freshman!

Sic ’em on a chicken. Sic ’em on a chicken. Sic ’em on a chicken and watch them feathers fly Sic ’em on a chicken. Sic ’em on a chicken. Sic ’em on a chicken. Bring out the butter and the flour we’re ready to fry. My dog Pete is…

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#ncga: How they voted

There’s a lot of anger and frustration out there over the backroom, sneaky double-cross over HB2.  It’s only right that you ensure your anger and frustration is aimed in the right direction.  Here is how they voted in the House: Republican AYES: Adams; J. Bell; Blust; Bradford; Brawley; Brenden Jones; Burr;…

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#ncga: Jones Street GOPers just reelected Gov. Cooper

The Democrats were not so generous toward Govs. Holshouser or Martin. Yet, here we are — 90 days into the Cooper era — with Roy Cooper achieving his numero uno campaign promise: Repeal of HB2.  And he did it with the overwhelming help of the legislature’s veto-proof GOP majority. We…