#ncga: How they voted

There’s a lot of anger and frustration out there over the backroom, sneaky double-cross over HB2.  It’s only right that you ensure your anger and frustration is aimed in the right direction.  Here is how they voted in the House:

Republican AYESAdams; J. Bell; Blust; Bradford; Brawley; Brenden Jones; Burr; Clampitt; Corbin; Davis; Dixon; Dollar; Dulin; Faircloth; Fraley; Grange; Hardister; Hastings; Horn; Johnson; Jordan; Lambeth; Lewis; Malone; S. Martin; McGrady; T. Moore (SPEAKER); Murphy; Riddell; Rogers; Ross; Saine; Sauls; Stevens; Stone; Szoka; Watford; Williams; Yarborough; Zachary

Some of the more interesting names are highlighted.  John Blust and Justin Burr are alleged conservative stalwarts — rebels.  Both of them have been banished to leadership’s doghouse for years.  Yet, here they both are — tucking tail and submitting.

I figured some of my friends in neighboring Lee County would be interested in seeing John Sauls’s vote.  Sauls is a Baptist preacher.  In his prior term in the House, Sauls earned some conservative ire by backing community college tuition for illegal aliens.

Now, he’s voted to repeal a bill that was likely quite popular with a lot of Baptists in the state.  It’s kind of a strange vote for a guy who has voted against other legislation because it involved legal liquor sales

Republican NOES:Arp; Bert Jones; Blackwell; Boles; Boswell; Brody; Bumgardner; Cleveland; Collins; Conrad; Destin Hall; Dobson; Elmore; Ford; K. Hall; Henson; Howard; Hurley; McElraft; McNeill; Millis; Pittman; Potts; Presnell; Setzer; Shepard; Speciale; Steinburg; Strickland; Torbett; R. Turner; Warren; White

That’s roughly HALF the GOP caucus opposing their speaker on this.  Moore County’s Boles and McNeill did the right thing here.   So did conservative stalwarts Chris Millis, Larry Pittman, and Michael Speciale.  (Who the hell knows what happened to Blust and Burr.) 

Brunswick County’s Frank Iler took a walk and missed this vote. 

Now let’s look at the Senate side: 

Republican AYES: Alexander; Barringer; Berger; Britt; Brown; Curtis; Daniel; J. Davis; Dunn; Edwards; Gunn; B. Jackson; Krawiec; Lee; McInnis; Newton; Pate; Rabon; Tarte; Tillman; Tucker; Wade; Wells

It’s interesting to see freshman Danny Earl Britt of Lumberton voting to repeal HB2.  He was elected in a historic, record year for Robeson County Republicans.  Observers on the ground in Robeson found HB2 to be a HUGE factor in the Republican success there.  

And look at Jerry Tillman voting to repeal HB2.  Go ahead and add this to his list:  sponsoring a bill hurting Moore County schools, the “campaign office” on the Raleigh golf course, and his bromance with the solar welfare crowd.  

And here are the heroes in the Senate caucus: 

Republican NOESBishop; Brock; Cook; Harrington; Hise; Horner; Meredith; Rabin; Randleman; Sanderson

It was interesting to see Chad Barefoot — a true love of the religious right — taking a walk and missing this vote.  The senator representing Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse — Deanna Ballard — also took a walk and missed this vote. 

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  1. The language of Section 1 that supposedly guarantees bathroom / locker room privacy in government facilities is rather bizarre and can be interpreted more than one way, It provides that various government entities ”are preempted from regulation of access to multiple occupancy restrooms, showers, or changing rooms” unless approved by the General Assembly.

    Lets say a liberal school administration looks at this with his liberal attorney and they decide that this means that they cannot control who goes into a bathroom or shower regardless of how it is marked, so therefore without the General Assembly’s permission they cannot stop the access of anyone who wants to go into any restroom, shower, etc. It gets worse once a liberal judge agrees with them. The General Assembly may be forced to reinstate specific HB2 type language to stop it, and don’t think the Democrats are done with playing games on this issue. What are the odds that this strange language originated with Cooper’s office?

    Everyone is focused on Section 3 granting authority for Charlotte type ordinances in three years, but Section 1 is a disaster waiting to happen, too.

    The GOP legislative leadership has snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory on an extremely high profile issue, and the party is likely to suffer for it.

  2. It’s becoming very apparent both in Raleigh and Washington that Conservatives need to do house cleaning in primary elections be damned the general election results!!

    1. What is needed is an actual party that is Conservative vs. the mix of pseudo-democrats/socialists/progressives and the actual Conservatives we are currently burdened with in the Republican party. Unfortunately the two parties have locked out ever allowing another party access, and they will continue to have to mash in a multitude of views that are not compatible into only two buckets.

    2. We can start the housecleaning in April in the NCGOP district conventions. The NCGOP apparatus pushed this knuckling under to the corporate bullies, special interests, and far left. We need a fruit basket turnover in that organization, and kick the establishment to the curb. Their fingerprints are on this debacle, too. The finale will be kicking out that senile Robin Hayes in June.

  3. Please be aware that we at the NCGOPe have promoted just such legislation. My brother approves of it highly. I have spoken out for compromise and my sockpuppet, err, ahh, State Chairman Hayes has even spoken out praising the repeal (well, he regurgitated the words I wrote for him anyway). We are doing this because we want to see Thom TIllis as our nominee for governor in 2020 and we need to undercut Dan Forest to do that. By siding with Governor Cooper on HB2, we are helping undercut Forest.

    1. Tillis IS A HORRIBLE senator, so why would I want him as a governor?!! And you idiots choose to give in on protecting our children and women from perverts in bathrooms and give in to the hypocritical ncaa over a FAR from guaranteed 4 years from now election of Tillis?! Really, what stupidity!

  4. I’m missing what is bad about this law, other than its knuckling under-timing. It keeps the prohibition on county and city government from dictating to private business (on this matter at least). That’s critical. On the other hand, it prohibits those governments from deciding what is permissible in their facilities. Isn’t that a decision for the local voters? I very well may be ignorant of something, but this seems like it was a decent change to the law. What am I missing?

    1. What IS going to happen is that in Dec 2020 there are going to be a whole bunch of whacko local ordinances being implemented. The progressives are going to spend 4 years setting them up, and the Republicans are going to spend 4 years figuring out how to bend over for the progressives.

  5. My rep Frank Iler walking is inexcusable. If you have a problem with the process and the bill roll out you vote NO and rep your district. Walking is just like a “yes”. And it’s the most cowardly position imaginable. I am done with him. It appears he needs a conservative replacement. Walking on votes especially important ones is not representation. It’s pure cowardice. Sadly, the local GOP won’t even know he did it or care.

    1. Look at Sen. Barefoot. He runs on nothing but social conservatism, yet walks on the biggest vote he’s seen. I don’t know why Brant hasn’t discussed him more.

  6. Same people here complaining will be the same ones who will use this to attack Moore and Berger while forgiving Blust and your other favorites.

    Going to LOVE watching the BS to come when people here make arguments for Blust that would excuse the others.

    It is too bad they voted to repeal this. However, I understand WHY they did it and none of these reasons take away from any one’s conservative credentials.

    The ONLY negative thing this did was return us to the fight in 3 years AFTER the next 2 election cycles. I don’t mind that delay since all you hear about for the last year has been HB2 and there ARE more important fish to fry.

    1. I listened to a local call in program on talk radio yesterday afternoon, and the host said his phones were lit up like a Christmas tree. The sole issue people were calling on was HB 2, and the rank and file were not fooled. They realized this was a sellout and they were disgusted with those Republicans in Raleigh responsible. Nobody had anything good to say about the Republican legislators who knuckled under. I think we will see a groundswell in the primaries against those who sold us out, and it will be a good thing.

  7. This bill – the result of the governor caving in to the NCAA, was a victory for all whose goal was to not allow males to legally access womens’ bathrooms and locker rooms. I was astounded on Tuesday, when I saw what the governor had offered. To just call this repeal of HB2 without saying more is so inaccurate. Leaving out critical facts is a favorite tactic of the left-wing news. But don’t take my word that this was a victory. Go see the gays picketing at the governor’s mansion and chanting that Cooper is a sellout. Here is a quote from James Esseks, , director of the ACLU LGBT Project: ” This is not a repeal of HB2. Instead they’re reinforcing the worst aspects or the law.” I am astounded, that we have some on our side who would rather fight than win. This is particularly troubling when the May 10 hearing before a liberal panel of the 4th Circuit in Richmond is fast approaching, at which we are likely to lose on HB2 entirely due to judicial activism. How is it smart, how is it principled, to go forward to defeat which would allow men’s legal access to ladies rooms, instead of accepting victory on this very issue?

    1. It’s good to have transparent members. Any insight on why Sen. Barefoot, who runs on nothing but social conservatism, took a walk?

    2. You gave the liberal local governments a lot of power they do not now have when 2020 rolls around, and that is inexcusable. I am not so sure this even saves the bathroom issue at all, either.

      And your 4th Circuit argument is nonsense given that we will have a conservative majority back on the SCOTUS soon.

      The conservatives in the legislature voted against this excrement sandwich, but you voted with the RINO’s for it. I will never trust you OR Berger ever again.

      This issue had built up a head of steam to protect our women and girls in at least 16 states. You stabbed conservatives nationally in the back with what you did, as that will be used against them in those other states.

      Your excuses do not flush.

      1. Well, you are flat wrong. Even with Gorsuch, there is not a Supreme Court majority on social issues. Remember, Anthony Kennedy is the one who brought us court mandated gay marriage. You and I might not like liberal judicial activism, but it ais a reality that we face. You are free to trust whoever you want. I understand not trusting, because this was such a clear cut victory when we faced a clear-cut defeat that I have to re-evaluate everyone who could not see this reality clearly. Finally, I am convinced that we have some who just want to stay mad and yell betrayal at every opportunity, even when it is not there.

          1. Well if one reads what Blust wrote and see the dangers of what he discussed as a great likelyhood with John Wynne on the 4th waiting with a bat to destroy HB2 then kicking the can down the road might be the pragmatic thing to do. However if you cant disappoint multiple constituencies who don’t want to see that as real then you might walk out out of consideration of them provided you know the winning votes are there
            Or maybe one might be intimidated.. but thats likely.

        1. Here’s something that I’m not wrong about. Congress has the power to rein in the jurisdiction of the courts. Why didn’t the GOP caucus leadership ask our congressional delegation to get off their mistresses and boytoys long enough to to hugely hamstring the courts to the point where we even re-instate the Marriage amendment? Burr owes us that much just for putting Wynn on the bench. Try to remember that some of these career congresscritters will be asking you for favorable redistricting in less than four years.

        2. Well, Blust, you seem to be about the only conservative who bought David Lewis’ line of hooey about the 4th Circuit. I don’t see even Anthony Kennedy going that crazy liberal as requiring men in womens shower rooms and rest rooms and that may have even been too much for some of the garden variety liberals on the 4th Circuit.

          That was only a pathetic excuse offered by David Lewis to cave in to the corporate bullies. What you and the RINOs have done just encourages more corporate bullying and that is appalling. In politics, as in real life, you should always stand up to bullies, not give in to their demands

          Maybe we are better off that Ted Budd won the Congressional nomination instead of you. Ted Budd stood up for conservative principles in spite of the pressure on Ryancare and opposed it. We have way too many surrender monkeys in Republican politics.

        3. What you gave away in section 4 is mindboggling. It is much worse than outright repeal of HB2.

          The 4th circuit should be a minor concern, since even if they ruled the state could not do this, it still 1) would be appealable to the Supreme Court, and 2) would still not let Charlotte enforce a bathroom ordinance since they still would have no power to do so under the NC Constitution. The 4th circuit red herring is not a reason; it is an excuse.

    3. It is disingenuous to claim Cooper caved in to the NCAA when they both had the same goal of repealing HB2. HB142 is a poor “reset” as our “leadership” likes to call it. It says local governments are preempted from adopting policies not approved by the GA, but it does not define our policy as HB2 did. That is worse than useless. Then it says that this preemption is only in effect until Dec. 1, 2020, just long enough to get through the next two elections. I don’t believe that will play out as intended.

      1. It appears that this bill was written by Cooper and then put forward by the GOP legislative leadership, which just stinks.

        The process of taking names and kicking ass of those traitors involved has begun. Here is the commentary of the Craven County Taxpayers Association, for example:


        At least one of the HB2 traitors, John Bell, has part of his district in Craven County, so hopefully, they will find a conservative candidate there. Bell is also in the hip pocket of the solar goons and the CCA. He needs a conservative primary opponent..

  8. Time to void the NCAA anti-trust exemption and force big time college sports to pay their student athletes as if they were in show business. The food chain is too long and too easy; ACC to NCAA, to ESPN, to Disney. Too many hungry mouths to stuff with our money. Cash flow is upward only

    Expect a repeat bully attack after this capitulation.

    1. Mark Brody has a great bill to go after the tax exemption of these sports conglomerate corporate bullies, but I suspect that David Lewis will probably make sure that bill never sees the light of day on the House floor. They were clearly playing politics inconsistent with their tax status and they should pay the price for that.

  9. The voters of NC gave the Republicans veto proof majorities this past November. Why? They liked the courage and fortitude exhibited by them in passing HB2. And despite what Thom Tillis s trying to tell everyone, NC is not purple nor is it blue. Thom’s involvement in strong arming reps to pass this horrendous bill speaks volumes about just how bad it really is. This is how the Republicans thank their voters? I doubt #2018 will be so kind to the cowards who betrayed their constituents.

  10. We gave up the moral high ground and caved to the economic blackmail of the ACC and NCAA. It’s sad that the news said HB2 would cost NC 3.87 billion over 12 years. I’m curious if anybody in the legislature actually did the math. If they did they would have realized that over the same 12 years at 550 billion per year in generated state revenue (i.e. 6.6 trillion) it amounts to approx 1/2 of one percent of total revenue. A mear drop in the bucket. And with NC being the second best state in the USA for the last two years for new investment that number would probably been even lower. And what assurances do we have that after the special interests beat up on Cooper for a while that he won’t find some way to get the new bill into the court system to be overturned as unconstitutional or bigoted.

    1. The special interests will cry their crocodile tears over this bill until they figure out what Cooper really did with the language he handed Moore and Berger to pass for him. Of course Cooper will sit tight on it until the legislature goes home and then he or his allies will drop it on them that he has pulled a fast one..

      Read closely Cooper’s language in section 2 which says that various local government units, including schools, shall not ”regulate the access” to various facilities. That terminology works both ways. They cannot act to require anyone be allowed to use these bathrooms and shower rooms, but the opposite side of the coin is also true, that they cannot block anyone from using them either. Either approach is ”regulating the access.”

      What will happen is this. Some liberal entity, and I am guessing it will be a university, will say that some trannies want access to the showers of the opposite sex, and the entity will ask for an Attorney General’s opinion as to whether they can regulate the access to the showers to deny them access. Our very liberal state Attorney General will render an opinion (perhaps it is already written) that will say that the plain language of the new statute does not allow them to regulate that access to deny them use of the facility so they have to let them in. This AG opinion will be cited by every other liberal entity that wants to let trannies in and they will do so. Conservative run entities will not, but the homosexual lobbies will pick some key lawsuits there, choosing their judges to force open those facilities,too. The judges will say that only the state can regulate that access and they repealed that regulation when they repealed HB2, so it is open bathrooms and shower rooms in all government run facilities.

      In 2020, it will be the turn of private facilities. The liberal cities will just track Cooper’s language from this bill, and prohibit private entities from ”regulating the access” to bathrooms and shower rooms. The liberal courts, and remember that our Supreme Court now has a liberal majority, will likely okay that approach.

      The only way to stop this train will be for the legislature to act to regulate the access with a bill like HB2. but will the GOP be able to get a veto proof majority to do that again?

  11. Cowards for backing down or not voting; however that’s not hurting the sports conglomerate corporate beings. How about all NC tax dollars are removed for their use and benefit. No tax monies for sports arenas. No taking of land to be used for “profit” businesses. You say they are tax exempt, then let them pay their own way. No freebies, exemptions,incentives or buyouts from the taxpayer pockets. I can choose not to buy a ticket and boycott sports events. I can’t stop the legislature from spending my tax dollars. I can also vote my legislature representatives out when they come up for election again. I’m sure they are “non profit”. How about looking into caps for officials salaries and perks in nonprofit venues. You don’t make a profit if you eat it up with salaries and perks. I know of a few so called profit businesses that don’t make a profit when it’s time for employee’s raises because they spend it all in salaries and other expenses.

  12. I for one am done with the turncoat Rinos that are all bluster. I’ve cast my last vote for Tim Moore and others just like him that will not stand for common sense legislation. I’m tired of the D.C. Bunch as well. It seems to me that the love of the all mighty dollar wins every time. Every last one of them
    Talk out of both sides of your their mouths. Always giving in to special
    Interest groups and selling out their constituents. The only ones I’ll vote for now are the opposition. All Of of them should be ousted in my opinion. Done with them all with a capital “D”.

  13. No politician can be trusted. Few at best, none at worst stand for anything. I’m having a difficult time trying to figure out why they even desire to be elected. I assume personal gain is the driving force. The repeal of HB-2 is a travesty!

  14. Taking a walk is the cowards way out. If you didn’t vote no you walked yourself right into a YES vote. I thought you people were smarter than this. If a yes or no vote is not in you just shamefully resign.

    1. Rep. Buck Buchanan took a walk when the GOP caucus dumped Liston Ramsey as House Speaker in conjunction with a group of disaffected Democrats. The NCGOP under Jack Hawke actively worked in the next primary to successfully dump Buchanan. A walk was considered supporting the Democrats,, which is exactly why Buchanan walked rather than go against his personal buddy Ramsey..

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