Repealing HB2=Protecting Women in the Bathroom ??? (Hunh.)




Conservative Leadership Coalition.  THAT, my friends, is a group set up by your NC House Republican Caucus,and financed by a lot of special interests shaken down by the leadership of said caucus, meant to spin and explain away some of the charlie foxtrots from this session — like, say, screwing over the base on HB2.

You may already be receiving stuff in your email inbox, your postal mailbox, or your Facebook messenger.  Stuff like, say, THIS:

Sauls is a preacher turned Republican representative from Lee County.  He voted — in an unusual move for a preacher — to repeal HB2.  And THIS spin, in trying to save Sauls from the wrath of his own voters, is basically calling Rev. Mark Creech of the Christian Action League, Tami Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition, and THE Rev. Franklin Graham liars.   That respected trio ALL saw the legislation Sauls and most of his colleagues voted for as a repeal of HB2 and a slap at Christian conservatives.   (The UNC School of Government found that the bill Sauls & co. voted for leaves it wide open for local governments to create LGBTQXYZ set-asides and quotas for local government contracts.)  * If you guys in House leadership think you can hold onto power without the church people, just keep it up. *

Basically, this strategy by the CLC / GOP House caucus is a lot like telling us UP is DOWN and DOWN is UP.   The real question is: Are you dumb enough to buy what they’re selling? 

10 thoughts on “Repealing HB2=Protecting Women in the Bathroom ??? (Hunh.)

  1. It is disgustingly Orwellian that these liberals call themselves conservatives, but it shows that they are figuring out that they screwed up badly with the HB2 repeal for the 2018 primaries. We need to recruit bona fide conservative opponents and go get ’em.

  2. There are already adequate laws against violence and lewd behavior. Rather than creating a non-existent problem with the ultimate goal of getting votes, work seriously on solving real problems that have been waiting for your attention, while you have been wasting time on a fictional one!

    1. B. Hussein Obama created a real problem here by trying to force schools to let boys into the girls showers, and the City of Charlotte created a problem by trying to fine private businesses for not letting boys into the girls restrooms and showers. Even the liberal media got into the game, with the Charlotte Observer proclaiming editorially that young schoolgirls would just have to get acustomed to seeing penises in their showers. I am sorry but those are California values, not North Carolina values. If they had not created a problem, then there would not have been a need for the legislature to stop their nonsense.

      The recent betrayal by the GOP establishment legislators on bathroom privacy adds a new answer to the old joke line ”Why did the chicken cross the road?” Answer – ”to vote to repeal HB2”

  3. What will the press print when the first girl is molested by a high school boy in the girl’s shower?
    What will the parents reaction be when a high school boy wants to be part of the high school girl’s volleyball team?
    Just because you “think” you are a girl, your physical build and body parts tell you you are a male.
    I do not accept this new transgender law.

  4. seems to me that the solution (physical) would to have his, hers and undecided facilities. Then any of the confused caught
    in the wrong should be prosecuted.

  5. Yes we have a crazy person in N.C. for governor.He is for the money,the ball teams and singers and etc who wants to take away our privacy.He don,t care about the safety of our children or our women and also the young boys.He,s a no good for nothing liberal who I hope get sued if there are any children gets molested or women gets raped I can,t use words I,d like to use about this sorry governor who stole the election from McCroy.That goes for that sorry mayor in Charlotte too.She was the one that started this HB2 mess.Sure hope she loses the next election.

    1. I strongly agree. We the people should hep OUR President drain the swamp by showing up and forcing them out of office with our votes. Also we should check into draining it faster than on elections. Someone with more knowledge of chain of command I moving those in out before election even come up.

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