#ncgop: Raleigh’s heavy hand

The NCGOPe is skeered.  The “little people” out there are making trouble again.  Raleigh knows it.  Dallas Woodhouse, I am told by several sources, is proudly announcing to anyone who will listen that he “will not work for Jim Womack.”  (I haven’t confirmed this with Jim, but I am doubting that Dallas will even have that option under Chairman Jim Womack.)

Instead of responding to concerns from outside the beltline, the heavy-handed tactics are coming out.

In the Twelfth Congressional District, Republicans are trying to hold leadership elections.  The state party — NCGOPe HQ, in other words — performed a hostile takeover of the district organization.  They’ve even allowed pols from the NINTH Congressional district to assist in picking leaders for the 12th.   Can’t beat ’em?  Outvote ’em with imported voters. 

The 12th has historically been a bastion of conservative”troublemakers” — a pain in the Raleigh GOPe’s neck.  Raleigh has seen no problem with negotiating with Roy Cooper or General Assembly Democrats. Diplomacy. Making nice.  Kissy-face.

But conservative  Republican activists?  SHOVE IT DOWN THEIR THROATS.  MAKE THEM EAT EVERY LAST SYLLABLE.   The heavy hand of the party bureaucracy is running off conservatives in the 12th in a manner akin to what the US cavalry did to the Indians.  

The party chairman’s race is even nastier.  Robin Hayes — nicknamed “the ol’ porch dog” by his former congressional and General Assembly colleagues for his incredible impersonation of an old dog on the front porch –  is running for reelection by claiming credit for Donald Trump (but NOT Pat McCrory, Bob Edmunds, Buck Newton, or those lost NC House seats).   Hayes got where he is by aiding and abetting a vicious slander attack on Hasan Harnett — the then-duly elected (and first black) NCGOP chairman who had been aligned with Tea Partiers.  (And then there was this bit of heavy-handed nastiness during his previous tenure as chairman during the 2012 Tampa convention.) 

Challenger Jim Womack has been hitting the stump claiming that things would have been worse in 2016 for the NCGOP if not for the Trump Wave and the RNC camping out in Raleigh all year.  He points out that the party, under its current leadership, is on track to be in THIRD PLACE in terms of voter registration by October of this year. He says the only game plan in Raleigh right now is their own personal job security — not the promotion of the conservative ideals in the platform or growing the party. 

If you watched the chairman’s debate from last week, you would have noticed something BIG:  Womack talked ideas and strategy while the allegedly successful incumbent, Hayes,  lowered his belly into the mud and stopped just short of screaming ‘Yo Mama.’

Hayes allies have stooped as low as trying to paint Womack’s wife, a Lee County School Board member, as some kind of criminal.  Their “case” is based on a years-ago intra-family dispute, involving teenagers, that led to someone calling the police.  Both Womack and his wife were distinguished military veterans who would have lost their jobs, or been severely penalized, if this had led to a conviction or had even been slightly serious.  Nobody got penalized.  Nobody lost anything.  Anybody want to bet that there hasn’t been even ONE embarrassing Hayes family argument in the last two or three decades? (Wanna bet?) 

The NCGOPe is once again scared to death of losing their death-grip on the spoils of political power in our seat of government.  They did a bang-up job of slandering one reformer who ended up going away quietly.  With Jim Womack, they KNOW it’s going to get loud. 

12 thoughts on “#ncgop: Raleigh’s heavy hand

  1. I watched the video of that debate. It was very helpful and I really appreciate you posting a link here.

    I had already figured out my thoughts on the chairman race, but did I understand that the current vice-chair fought against President Trump at the convention? if so, are you guys really supporting her re-election?

    Not understanding wth is going on. I will NEVER support someone who refused to unify behind President Trump at the convention. Totally surprised that any so-called conservative would ever do that.

    OTOH, maybe I am just really confused at what I just watched.

    1. Look at her facebook page. VC Michelle Nix was for Cruz, yet she lies and tells everyone she was first for Trump. Then goes to RNC and pushes an anti Trump rule. She got here Women for Nix fooled!! All strong early Trump supporters thinking she was for our president.NO. Proof where was she at those early Trump organizational meetings in Charlotte run by Earl Phillips……just saying…Kim Coley, Gwyn, Linda, Sue….

      1. Michelle Nix declared for and supported Trump at the 1st district convention. She was on good terms with the Trump supporters in her district. That is good enough for me.

        1. Plus, that charge is just funny. Just ask the Cruz people who’re disgruntled because they think she helped ramrod a Trump-heavy delegation through at the State convention.

  2. I know of no proof that State HQ had anything to do with the list in the 12th I was told it was made up by the new Chairman of the Mecklenburg County Party and then the list was voted on by the Mecklenburg-ex-comm that was made up of both 9th and 12 district people voting so that was correct

    This action clearly should not have happened in a congressional district that only contains one county and every delegate to get voted on to the district/state ex-comm at-large would be from the county

    And it clearly shows a lack of respect of the Mecklenburg leadership for the 12th district convention delegates since it was only Meck-Ex-Comm member notified about this meeting and it was not even on the Meck GOP website calendar so 12th delegates could know to attend the meeting as a guest

  3. 411….WoodyHouse is broadcasting that because staff who work under him on Hillsborough Street says that he has said that. Reason for the openess is this. He is in control..quote, Doing the job of Executive and Chairman….the power behind this is Vice Chair Michelle Nix who Woodhouse has quietly campaigning for in Wake GOP meetings. WHAT A CONSPIRACY!

    1. You have got it all wrong, and probably are spewing deliberate disinformation. Woodhouse has cut Nix out of everything he could. Woodhouse’s allies are Bunn, Stark, Cotten, et al. And there is no ”power” behind Woodhouse. The cabal has given him total power in the party and he pulls Hayes’ strings, We need a new ED who is content to function as ED and not try to function as chairman, too, as Woodhouse has done.

  4. NO vote for Robin Hayes. Robin Hayes joined the Wildlife Federation to close all Trawling for NC Commercial Fishermen. Robin Hayes has joined The NC CCA which only represent .0012 % of Licenseed Recreational Fishermen in NC, not even 1%. I guess he likes their Political Donations. Was he bought?

  5. I find it quite amusing that the NC GOP uses heavy handed tactics. Having been involved in another state where the party had ability to dole out patronage I can understand it. From our last Republican Governor i understand that did not happen too much. Here a party official cannot even endorse in a primary the whole thing seems ludicrous.

  6. These vicious attacks must be countered. Fight fire with fire. It must happen before it’s too late.

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