Tillis: ‘Ain’t-skeered-a-no-Rush Limbaugh’!

Our junior US senator popped up in Moore County yesterday.  It was the whole package: the haircut by WeedEater, the dirty hands, and the even more horrid (F-rating from Heritage AND Conservative Review) voting record. 

His talk was highlighted by what not many folks would describe as a smart move for a Republican pol in a GOP-leaning jurisdiction — a bit of shade-throwing at Rush Limbaugh: 

[…] “When I hear Rush Limbaugh say I’m a RINO, I say ‘I am,’” Tillis said. “I am a Republican in Need of Outcomes. I am sick and tired of people preaching perfect and never delivering. … I actually believe principles matter. I don’t think principles are situational. A lot of principles up in Washington are situational.”[…] 

Mmm-hmmm.  *Silly voters.  Expecting you go to DC and DO what you promised to DO on the campaign trail.* 

He also doubled-down on his ‘no mandate’ talk: 

[…]Tillis said some people might not have been happy with a guest editorial he wrote in The Charlotte Observer after last November’s election in which he asserted that “we didn’t get a conservative mandate.” He jokingly said he was disappointed that more people in the room at the luncheon were not upset by his view.

“It is about third-grade math,” he said. “We lost seats in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House, lost the (N.C.) governor’s mansion, lost the state Supreme Court. If it was an overwhelming mandate, why did that happen?”[…]

*Ahem.*   Folks who RAN as conservatives — and communicated that suitably to voters —  did very well.  Those who played the purple, ‘blur-the-lines’ game DID NOT. 

The Weed-Eatered One also dumped on the last bastion of conservatism on Capitol Hill:

[…] Tillis, who was elected to U.S. Senate in 2014 after previously serving as N.C. House speaker, said health care reform will not be easy, as evidenced by the Republican leadership in the House pulling its bill — the American Health Care Act — several weeks ago because it lacked enough support to pass. Part of the blame was laid on the conservative Freedom Caucus, which felt it did not go far enough in wiping away the old health care law.

Tillis said everyone will have to give a little to get something passed.

“I believe what the Freedom Caucus is thinking will make what comes out of the House better as long as they are willing to do it in the spirit of collegiality,” he said in response to a question from the audience. “People will have to be willing to accept something far less that any of us would want and just move on. But I am optimistic they get something to us.”


I wonder how well he would have done against Kay Hagan if he and Paul Shumaker had run ads about “walking across the aisle,” “getting things done,” and just watering down ObamaCare.

11 thoughts on “Tillis: ‘Ain’t-skeered-a-no-Rush Limbaugh’!

  1. If Tillis had any principles they were sold to the highest bidder long ago. He can’t hold a candle to Limbaugh, but it’s hilarious that he thinks he can compete with the likes of Rush. Keep it up Thom. We could all use a good laugh.

    He’s a RINO alright – a Republican In Need of Ousting. The sooner the better.

  2. What an idiot. You can not compromise with people on the left anymore. But I guess Thom has to keep doing what that equally idiotic Paul tells him to do, and bang his head on the wall everyday. We gave the Republicans all they need to get outcomes, we gave them the majorities.

  3. Now is the time for a Tillis opponent to start staking him out. He has hitched his wagon to the “liberal star”. If Trump is even moderately successful, Tillis does not stand a chance of being re elected in 2020.

  4. We are stuck with him until 2020 and must keep letting him know we are not happy with his duplicity. In the meantime, is there someone out there with a backbone to run against him and is the grassroots willing to put their money where their mouth is to finance a campaign? I hope so; otherwise, we deserve the RINOs we get.

  5. “spirit of ‘collegiality'” …that’s a $2 dollar word for an NC pol who only works with Farm Bureau, the Chamber, and any corporation willing to give in to his terms.

  6. We elect Senators and Congressmen to advance good policies and block bad policies. If all they are able to do is the latter, that is an acceptable outcome. The whole idea that you need to pass something – anything – to say you have been successful is just nonsense. Tillis is a good example of the old saying that if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. He is proving to be little more than a pathetic rent boy for the special interests.

    Tillis is a cheerleader for Democrat policy like amnesty for illegal aliens or destroying religious liberty. The only time he has come to Raleigh to push state legislation, it was for a bill written by Roy Cooper to push Cooper’s agenda, allowing liberal local governments to goose step over religious liberty beginning in 2020 and weakening bathroom and shower room privacy in government buildings such as schools. .

    The only difference between Tillis and Hagan is that Kay Hagan wears a skirt and TIllis doesn’t, at least that we know of. After his position on bathroom privacy and his chumminess with Lindsay Graham, one does start to wonder if he might. Both seek to advance the Democrat agenda.

  7. Tillis has a Liberty Score of – 39%. Enough said. He is a just a few more liberal votes away from being placed in the Democrat scores.

  8. Thom Tillis and his toll lane scheme are directly responsible for Roy Cooper being elected Governor. He pressured McCrory to hold fast to the contract, assuring him that Republicans would never abandon him to Cooper. Well, 33,000 in the Lake Norman area did just that.

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