From toilets to Twitter: It’s, um, (good?) to be Colon Campbell

Apparently, getting stuck on the HB2 beat means you hardly ever get to leave the lavatory.  THAT must be why much of young Colon Campbell’s non-HB2 work involves trolling the social media accounts of conservatives.  (Twitter works JUST FINE in public restrooms. Or,um, so I’m told.)

WRAL’s Laura Leslie went off the deep end last year on social media.  Not a peep of concern out of Colon or the rest of the driveby media.  

Since the tragic suicide of his son, state Rep, Larry Pittman has been mercilessly mocked and harassed about it by liberal activists. Not a word out of Colon and his fellow drivebys.   Apparently, it’s more important to preserve Abe Lincoln’s historical legacy than to stand up for common decency in modern-day America.  

Here’s Colon getting irritated by Pittman’s fellow House conservative, Rep. Carl Ford:

[…] N.C. Rep. Carl Ford became the latest legislator to attract criticism on Facebook this weekend after he posted a image criticizing liberals and then began deleting comments.

Ford, a Republican from Rowan County, on Friday posted a photo of an angry woman pointing, with the text “I’m a tolerant liberal! Agree with me or else you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, redneck, gun toting, America loving bigot!”[…]


2 thoughts on “From toilets to Twitter: It’s, um, (good?) to be Colon Campbell

  1. I agree with the “Tolerant Liberal” meme posted by Rep. Ford. I have had the same experience on Facebook. Within three comments and replies with a liberal on about any subject, they resort to calling you a racists, sexist, bigot, etc. It is rare that this does not occur. It is simply a fact that they think that anyone who does not hold the liberal opinion on a subject is ignorant, bigoted, etc. That is simply what liberals think. If they deny that they think this, they are not being honest.

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