#ncga: Voting YES is like voting NO. (*Seriously.*)

State Rep. Frank Iler (R-Brunswick), who took a walk on the vote to repeal HB2, tried to explain himself to his constituents in an April 4 newsletter:

[…] Thursday we had a controversial bill, House Bill 142 – Reset of S.L. 2016-3, come to the floor hurriedly for a vote.

The well-known repeal of House Bill 2 had a previous version that contained a religious freedom protection clause that I called the “cake baker” clause that protected small businesses from being sued if a customer’s request for service violated their religious convictions.  It was not in this bill. […] 

*Oops.*  That’s different from what that very specific pack of liars, spinning their YES votes, has been telling us.  MORE: 

[…] Additionally, statements I made in a confidential caucus meeting were leaked back into our district, a flagrant violation of confidentiality from my trusted colleagues. […] 

(It wasn’t US.) MORE: 

After a procedural vote to delay the vote on the bill failed 34 – 85 it was obvious the bill was going to pass overwhelmingly. I voted “yes” on this, which was like voting “no” on the bill.

Voting YES is like voting NO?  Is that kind of like John F’ing Kerry being FOR the war before he was AGAINST it? 

[…] After pressure from both sides and the breach of confidentiality, my frustration boiled over, and I protested by leaving the chamber and refusing to vote on the bill.I have been criticized for that, but sometimes one has to stand up and send a message even if you stand alone.  As predicted, it passed 70 – 48, and my vote would have made no difference.  It was a most frustrating time.[…]

So, he wants a medal for running from the fight?  His constituents were not represented in this vote.  You get elected to the General Assembly AND Congress to speak for your constituents and VOTE when it is time to VOTE.

7 thoughts on “#ncga: Voting YES is like voting NO. (*Seriously.*)

  1. Ha! That response is even funnier than Rep. Larry Yarborough’s “HB2 was much less important to our community than jobs, education and the environment. As I talked to many citizens of our community, I found that most of us don’t care that much about the bill…..”

    The guy who sent me Yarborough’s response said he guessed if Yarborough really thinks that, he must have never gotten around to talking with the folks at Roxboro First Baptist.

  2. How about Senator Barefoot who strictly runs on social conservatism taking a walk? Either vote how you campaign, or change your message and values.

  3. I have the unfortunate priviledge of having Frank Iler as my rep down here in Brunswick. He needs to be primaried. I mean, really, voting Yes on a procedural motion to delay the vote is like voting No on the bill? Who’s buying that pap? Oh, I am sure most of the gullible folks at the Brunswick GOP will. Hook, line and sinker.

  4. #Ilerisms for the voters of Frank Iler’s District. Yes means No, er, No means Yes, er, …well he’s just mad and therefore not going to represent you.

    But hey, please buy this line of stupidity and be sure to send him right back to Raleigh, to represent, you…

    What an embarrassment.


  6. Another politician who cares more about his re-election than representing his constituents. But isn’t this how the NC GOP likes it? It’s time to demand that our representatives stand up and be counted or replace them with someone who isn’t afraid to do the right thing.

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