If you can’t beat them, turn their state into a Third World Country.

Remember all of that footage in the driveby media of the “unaccompanied children” pouring across our nation’s southern border the last few years?  Well, things have gotten a little quiet regarding that story.  (*Trump’s trying to build a wall, and trannies are trying to use the ladies room FOR GOD’S SAKE !!!*)

Well, we’ve decided to check in on all that and see how it’s going — if it IS still going.  According to the feds — from October 2016 to February 2017,  nearly 1000 of these little darlings were released to “sponsors” here in North Carolina.   ONLY eight other states took in more than we did during that same time period.

As far as North Carolina goes, that’s nearly 5500 little darlings / new arrivals from South of the Border since October 2013.  (Roy Cooper got elected governor by about 10,000 votes.) 

Here’s another interesting item that flew under the radar during the 2016 campaign — North Carolina is in the Top Ten in the nation for taking in Syrian refugees. 

We ditched Team Obama in 2012, and have been paying for it ever since. They’re going to wreck us like California, NY and NJ so we’re prime candidates for the nanny state and the warm embrace of Barry, Hillary & Soros.

And Thom Tillis wants to help this out by importing  even MORE Third World folks! (*California, here we come! I tell ya — we are BLESSED.*)


4 thoughts on “If you can’t beat them, turn their state into a Third World Country.

  1. Time for this garbage to come to a screeching halt. If it doesn’t happen under Trump, it will not happen. Oh, and this: getting rid of criminal illegal aliens all fine and dandy, but getting rid of ALL illegal aliens is the right and proper thing to do. They (and most Democrats) will never respect Americans or our government if we don’t do that.

  2. European countries that have used physical tests to determine the actual age of these illegals who claim to be children, rather than just taking their word for it, have found that a majority of them are actually adults lying about their age. Like fools, the US just takes their word for it.

    Tennessee says they do not want these refugees and is suing the federal government to try to put a stop to it. It is time for NC to take action against having the Third World placed on our doorstep.

  3. I have to ask, what good is a county school board if it has no control over who is placed in its jurisdiction? Also these ” little darlings” enter their new world of schooling accompanied with a letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center instructing THE school officials as to what questions they can and can’t ask of the student. WTH?

    Browny Douglas

  4. Folks, our red state transformation started a lot earlier when, after the War for Southern Independence, we started being overrun by Yankees. For most, it takes about 35 years to successfully as simulate. For some of the latest ones, a lifetime isn’t enough to become a real Southerner. Pass the grits.

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