Tillis is coming! Tillis is coming! (Or so says Jimmy Dixon …)

I am told that the best way to get word spread around the big city of Raleigh — and political circles statewide — is to tell Rep. Jimmy Dixon.   Dixon, as fans of this site know, is the new Charles Jeter: chief gofer for the House’s ruling cartel, ready to be the bad cop — the Stimpy to Speaker Timmy’s Ren. 

Several moles have reported back to me in recent weeks that Dixon has been talking even more than usual.  One of his more prominent topics?  According to my moles, Dixon is declaring, to anyone who will listen, that Thom Tillis’s return to Raleigh to run for governor in 2020 is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT GUARANTEED. 

You hear that, and then you notice our junior US senator spending an inordinate time around Republican state legislators.  And you start to think Jimmy might be on to something.  

What does that mean for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s plans to run for governor in 2020?  (Dixon is reportedly telling people the heat is being applied to Lt. Dan to change focus and aim for the vacant US Senate seat in 2020.)

One of my moles told me he approached someone in Forest’s inner circle about all the Tillis talk.  The Forest source’s response: “It’s too early to start talking up a 2020 run.”

*Yep.  Keep telling yourself that.*


22 thoughts on “Tillis is coming! Tillis is coming! (Or so says Jimmy Dixon …)

  1. The best thing you can do to support Tillis run for Governor in 2020 is to make sure that the Hayes team stays in power at NCGOPe, and that means me. We in the Robin Hayes team will do all we can to undercut Dan Forest, just like we did with HB2, and push Tillis for Governor. We just cannot have someone who actually listens to the grassroots and believes in Republican principles. I also need my support structure back on the Central Committee, so remember that at your district conventions.

    Yes, we know that Tillis votes liberal, but, hey, that is exactly what those of us at NCGOPe HQ want,

  2. I can tell you with 1000% guarantee that Dan Forest will run for Governor in 2020. He and Hal have the plan and notified Run Forest Run Group to be ready to fight. This doesn’t preclude the fact that McCrory, Tillis and others are eyeing a run for top spot. If we don’t get our $h!t together soon, just give the keys to Cooper again to Mansion!!!!

  3. NO Way would I ever vote #TomTheTerribleTilis for Gov of NC we already have Roy Cooper and that is bad enough and he at least has a D after his name Tom needs to worry about no longer being a “F” rated senator as listed at conservative review and F is for Failure …….. Run Forrest Run 2020 ….

  4. Rush Limbaugh coined the term ”RINO” for them, The author of a well received book on them termed them ”Obama Republicans”. Some simply use the descriptive term ”liberal Republicans”. A new one I have seen recently that superbly sums them up is ”Fake Republicans”. Whichever term one prefers, both Thom Tilli$ and Jimmy Dixon fall clearly in that camp.

    Thom Tillis supports the special interests over the people. Tillis supports illegal aliens over American citizens. He backs greedy solar special interest moochers over electric consumers. Tillis backs homosexual activists against Christians. He openly and arrogantly thumbs his nose at the voters who put him in office, prefering to deal with Democrats. In short, Tillis is little more than Roy Cooper in drag. If the race came down to Cooper vs. Tillis, the correct choice for conservative voters would be None of the Above. Tillis represents all of the bad aspects of McCrory but none of the good ones. I could and did hold my nose and vote for McCrory, but I could never do so for Tillis. Tillis is a cancer within the Republican Party that needs to be cut out. So is Jimmy Dixon.

    1. Let’s also remember that Tillis only took 46% in the 2014 primary. That means 54% of Republicans rejected him. Then he failed to get 50% in the general election. Dan Forest is a much better servant of the people and a much better candidate to beat Cooper than anyone who might primary him. RUN, FOREST, RUN!!!

  5. Liberals like Dixon and Tillis are already getting in line to take out Forest.
    Liberals believe it to be an honor to sacrifice their questionable political career to defeat a conservative.

    Raleigh has a swamp too.

  6. What’s great for Dan Forrest is that he’s got options. He would win either seat!

  7. Hmmm. Lt. Dan in Washington might be better than him occupying the governor’s spot. It would be nice to have at least one of our Senators be an actual conservative.

    FWIW I would never vote for Tillis as governor. Why trade one doofus for another, at least Ol’ Roy can be sat in the corner while Thommy Boy might actually try and succeed at influencing the general assembly.

    1. At least establishment Republicans might stand up to Cooper’s liberalism, but they would fall in line with equally liberal policies of Tillis. Plus, you know Cooper would be gone in another four years, and Tillis would at least theoretically be a problem for eight. Cooper would clearly be the lesser of the evils in that pair, Tillis is little more than Cooper in drag.

      Forest versus Cooper, however, is a clear cut race, where we actually have a GOP candidate we can get excited about and work hard for..

      1. No Mark Meadows.

        He backstabbed President Trump. We do NOT need to send him to the senate. Find someone better, please.

        1. Mark Meadows prevented a Trump and GOP diasater in stopping Ryancare which was nothing but Obamacare 2.0. As a result of the courage of the Freedom Caucus, we now have a shot at a real repeal of Obamacare, not RINO Ryan’s fraud.

          1. Once again John Steed hits a grand slam home run with his 100% correct comment above

            BIG THANKS also to Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus for fighting for conservatism. Many people with R’s after their name in and out of office could learn a lot and be more effective if they stood strong on principle like he and the caucus did

  8. Although I absolutely love the idea of Dan Forest in the US Senate, there is no way I believe that Tillis would give up all that power. After all, as a freshman he was welcomed into the #WashingtonCartel with open arms. He is officially a swamp dweller and he’s very good at it.

    I would not vote for Thom Tillis for anything. He is a complete failure as a Republican representing NC.

    That said, the people of NC voted for Donald Trump because we were sick and tired of the same empty suits with empty promises. I will work hard to help Lt. Gov. Dan Forest run for Governor and I believe NC’ians will too. #RunForestRun

    1. I also question why he’d trade a Senate seat for that of a Governor. The latter is term-limited to not much longer than a single Senate term and after all, DC is where the action is.

  9. Please let he Lt. Gov wipe the floor with Tillis-I’ve had enough of him. Time for the “little people” to revolt again, folks we must not give up..

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