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#nc-03: Mystery national group ponies up $$$$ for Cairns ad-buy

  And NO it is not named The Club For Growth.  Our sources tell us that an independent expenditure (an “IE” in political weenie talk)  called “Awake Carolina” has purchased $60,000 in broadcast advertising time to benefit GOP candidate Celeste Cairns.   It looks like…

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NC-03: Gambling on the FEC not paying attention.

  Scott Dacey’s back.  The third-place finishing (2018), Indian casino-lobbying, former Paul Shumaker client is poking around in the 2019 edition of the Third Congressional District’s GOP primary.  Sources on the ground in the district tell us he’s trying to help GOP candidate (and Thom…

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#hayesscandal : Count ’em — THREE amended campaign reports.

  NCGOP treasurer Jason Lemons has been busy.  On April 12 of this year, he submitted not ONE, not TWO, but THREE amended campaign finance reports for the North Carolina Republican Party to the North Carolina State Board of Elections.       The amended…

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#nc-03 voting turnout update

  (Thanks to our friends at Civitas.)  As of the close of business today,  there have been 6,993 votes. Women still have about a 200 vote edge over men.    Republicans are still outpacing Democrats  by about the same  margin as our last report.  The…

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#nc-09: McCready FINALLY coughs up the Hijab Honey’s money. (Allah Akbar!)

  We were the first ones to call the Anointed Ginger One out on his anti-semitic pro-terrorist associations.  Dan McCready had Ilhan Omar’s money since November, but has been silent on it.  Instead, he’s been loudly questioning the moral compass of a certain Baptist preacher….

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NC-03: Club For Growth endorses — Celeste Cairns ?????

  I struggled to find ANY information about the Emerald Isle Republican when she first filed.  No web presence whatsoever.  But the DC-based Club For Growth appears to know all they need to know:     The Club For Growth was founded a number of…

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NC-03: White, 60+, female, REP voters topping voter turnout thus far

  Civitas has a great tool for tracking the early voting in the Third Congressional District’s special election.  Here’s a summary of what we’re seeing through today: 5730 total votes cast thus far only 730 of those votes were cast by blacks Republican turnout is…

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Dark-horse NCGOP chairman candidate tied to Pat McCrory, Art Pope political ops

  Michael Whatley seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Touting his ties to the 2016 Trump campaign, he’s promising great things for the NCGOP if they just make him their new chairman.     Well, we found some interesting 2016 reporting by some of the…

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#hayesscandal: Dallas GIVEN a contract this past weekend?

  An email went out today from “Acting Chair Aubrey Woodard” :   […] The NCGOP Central Committee had its bi-monthly meeting on Sunday, April 14 with a full agenda. One of the leading subjects was the planning for our State Convention to be held in Concord,…

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#hayesscandal: Dallas. Under contract? At the pleasure of … ? (Screenshot-gate?)

  Apparently,  Dallas Woodhouse is leaving.    Apparently, no one in the NCGOP or in the Raleigh drive-by media has the guts to ask the million-dollar question (which may or may not have something to do with this departure):  WHO sent the screen shot? The…