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Team Cooper: Coronavirus is, um, *RACIST*

    Just when you thought they couldn’t sink any lower, they DO:   […] In North Carolina and around the country, African Americans are getting COVID-19 and dying from the disease much more often than white people.   Why?   While health experts talk…

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Coronavirus saving Cooper?

      It’s amazing — no, make that disgusting — how many lefties are out there seeking political opportunities and advantage from the ongoing pandemic.   We’ve tried our best to shame and out many of the reprobates engaged in such behavior.  Now, it…

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US Rep. Greg Murphy’s prescription for coping with, coming back from coronavirus

    One of North Carolina’s newest Members of Congress has offered up his two cents on the current crisis and how to find our way out:   Periods of adversity have been a hallmark of human existence. Wars, natural disasters, and past pandemics have…

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Lawsuit demands North Carolina clean up its voter registration lists

    Judicial Watch,  which rose to fame as a thorn in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sides, has gone to court to force Roy Cooper and Josh Stein to do their jobs:   Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit against North Carolina…

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GOPe: Throwing Richard Burr under the bus?

      It’s one thing to see conservatives and RINOs squabble, but it definitely IS a head scratcher when a RINO-on-RINO fracas breaks out.     For instance, take this campaign release from Georgia’s appointed US senator Kelly Loeffler (R):   Hmmm.   Loeffler…

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Meadows already making waves in his new job

      Mark Meadows has apparently exported the hard-nosed style that made him famous (or infamous) on Capitol Hill down the street to his new digs at 1600 Penn:   President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has escalated tensions in the…

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ANOTHER Richard Burr stock market scandal?

    We all know about the stock sales just before the coronavirus lockdown crashed the economy.   This time,  it apparently involves a Dutch fertilizer company:   The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, sold off almost $47,000 dollars worth of shares…

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Raleigh lefties encourage coup at Treasurer’s office

    Isn’t it interesting how the peace, love, and “freedom” crowd is always the first to advocate for the unilateral snatching of rights and making of changes — without a single vote being cast?  (Or the whole story being told?)     Well,  Rob…

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Anger “building” in DC over Burr coronavirus investing

  Some people are dismissing the hubbub as pro-Trump forces paying our senior senator back for giving the Democrats so much help during the Russian collusion hoax.   Some are dismissing it as liberals and Democrats trying to score points on a hapless GOP incumbent….

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Leftists keep fanning the hate, shooting for political points, as coronavirus rages on

      I swear.  Those people in NYC have a nasty habit of biting the hands that try to feed them.   They ravaged George W. Bush as he sought vengeance for the 9-11 travesty.  Now,   we have leftist wackos in Schumer-land raging…