“Where all my peeps at?”

Pretend you are considered by many to be some sort of political messiah.  Pretend that you are the consensus front-runner for Governor of North Carolina AND Donald Trump’s running mate.  Now imagine thisWhat if you threw a rally and not-so-many people showed up?

THAT appears to be what happened today.  First there was THIS rally at a large popular venue in Johnston County:

I had some of my moles on-scene.  The reports I got indicated a turnout of approximately 150. My moles tell me that approximately 30 of those were candidates / elected officials.

Then, there was THIS event:

My sources on-the-ground tell me there were approximately 100 people in attendance for this affair.  The weather was fairly nice in both locations, I’m told.

This has GOT to be disappointing for the campaign team of the all-but-anointed governor / vice-president.

I was not on-site, but the fact that Team Robinson has NOTHING to say (photos, etc.) about either event on social media lends quite a bit of credence to the reports I received.

Perhaps people are beginning to see that the Emperor – um, lieutenant governor has NO clothes. 

Folks, we are still in primary season.   There is still a lot of time.  Robinson is not the only choice for Republicans. There are two other folks out there seeking the nomination for governor.  Do your due diligence before casting your oh-so-valuable votes, please.