RFK Jr. shows MKR how to draw a crowd for a political rally

Earlier reports indicate that our lieutenant governor and alleged frontrunner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination was only able to draw about 150 people to a Raleigh-area political rally on Saturday.  (About 30 of those were other NCGOP candidates.)  By all indications and reports, a good chunk of the NCGOP’s Raleigh apparatus has thrown in with Robinson’s campaign.

Meanwhile, Robert F. Kennedy is not an elected official.  He is running for president of the United States as an Independent.  (There is no official party support for him.)  Kennedy showed up for a rally in Raleigh Friday night – the day before Robinson’s planned event – that drew, according to media accounts, “hundreds.”

Here’s a stream of Kennedy’s Friday event in Raleigh.  (The crowd looks and sounds a lot bigger and louder than 100 or 150.)