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#ncpol: The AP has AProblem

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory can probably relate to former Ferguson, MO. police officer Darren Wilson. In both men’s cases,  the drive-bys strongly suggested crimes were committed.  But when you actually look beyond the screaming headlines, and check the facts, there’s not much there to…

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AP drive-bys snipe at top Carolinas GOPers, miss by a mile

The drive-by media across The Carolinas was ga-ga this morning about a story regarding “payouts from a lender” to Gov. Pat McCrory (R-NC) and congressman Mark Sanford (R-SC).  Democrats have been crowing across cyberspace — with visions of Watergate or Iran-Contra or Jim Black (*oops,…

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McCrory on right track re: amnesty. (Now, about those GOPers in Congress ..)

We’ve had our issues with a lot of decisions made by this governor.  But we do have to give him kudos for his positions on illegal immigration.  In 2013, he resisted General Assembly efforts (led by Thom Tillis)  to water down e-verify citizenship requirements for…

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(*SIGH*) That’s OUR Pat.

It’s amazing. It used to be the kiss of death for a politician when he or she blatantly disrespects their base.  But, hey — Thom Tillis did it, and he’s now a US senator.  Pat McCrory looks like he’s following Thom’s lead.  Who knows? Maybe…

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Does even being SEEN with Pat McCrory hurt you with voters?

The folks over at The Elon Poll seem to think so:  […] When North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis was shown in a picture with Governor Pat McCrory his favorability rating also declined, but this negative effect was much smaller than Obama’s negative effect on…

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The McCrory Duke stock non-story

Chests are being thumped defiantly at Low-T headquarters on Raleigh’s Jones Street.  The McClatchy drive-bys are convinced that they have found Gov. Pat McCrory’s Watergate: Gov. Pat McCrory failed to disclose his ownership of Duke Energy stock this year in two state ethics filings and…

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Gov. Pat’s ”kinder and gentler” & bipartisan new budget director

They’re dancing in the streets in Carrboro.  The Great Satan — Art Pope — is stepping away from his state government role. There is a new feeling of hope and optimism around the drum circles these days.  The drive-bys are cooing over McCrory’s pick to replace…

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Pat sounds like Bev.

In 2012, Bev Perdue came to the conclusion that she had enough of a GOP majority on Jones Street and escaped Raleigh to the safe confines of Harvard’s Kennedy School and New Bern.  Lefties and their media cohorts bemoaned the impending “conservative revolution” in Raleigh….

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#NCPOL: Gov Pat forced to lay in the bed he made

It’s pretty clear — from the background conversations I am having —  that things are a bit frosty between the governor’s office and many of the Republican honorables on Jones Street. A lot of the problem seems to be rooted in a lack of communication.   Legislators…

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#NCGA: Mr. Berger & co. don’t like Pat & Thom’s budget deal. (Um, SURPRISE ?!)

Looks like “The Family Feud” is moving into a new phase of unpleasantness.  It’s *great timing* — given the effort to achieve party unity for the election five months from now.   We foresaw trouble when Gov. Pat and Speaker Thom decided to go their…