#ncpol: An opportunity for Dan Forest?

If you’re like me, you’re probably a bit disheartened by our Lt. Governor.  Dan Forest talked a good game on Dan-Forestthe 2012 campaign trail.  He talked directly to frustrated Tea Partiers.  He spoke like  passionate conservative who was going to give voice to average folks frustrated with the ruling class in DC and Raleigh.

Yet, what we’ve seen so far is way too much of a “team player.”   ‘Lt.Dan’ has been awfully quiet while the McCrory administration has stocked up on Democrats, flirted with expanding Medicaid and growing government.

Pat McCrory’s approval numbers are in the toilet.  He has BIG problems with the conservative base that shows up to vote in primaries.  There is quite a bit of interest out there in having a choice in the 2016 GOP primary for governor.  Yet, the political players who could credibly take on the challenge are sitting on their hands.

This week, we got hit with a triple-whammy from the US Supreme Court, which has discovered rights to same sex-marriage, government-funded health insurance, and protection from “unintentional discrimination.”

In reaction to those rulings, McCrory showed us his typical, um,  *profile in courage*laugh

[…] “Like many North Carolinians, I still believe the definition of marriage should be determined by the states and it should be the union between one man and one woman,” McCrory said. “However, I took an oath to uphold the constitution which compels me as governor to ensure that North Carolina upholds the rule of law.” […] 

(Amazingly similar to his response to the federal judge overturning the marriage amendment to the state constitution.) Where does The Constitution address marriage?  Imagine if our elected leaders had taken and maintained the same attitude in reaction to the Supreme Court’s Plessy and Dred Scott decisions.

Our founding fathers established the courts as a check on the power of the executive and legislative branches.  Allowing the courts to legislate is a recipe for tyranny.

Then, let’s consider what got issued from the Lt. Governor’s office:

danforest“The power grab by a majority of the Supreme Court is a full-on assault on the founding principles of democratic process, federalism, separation of powers, the voice of the people, and judicial restraint. Under these decisions, the rights and responsibilities of the states and the people are gone, and the precedent is set that non-elected judges can play super-legislator on whatever issue they want, however they want, and whenever they want. When our elected officials step over the line, we the people can vote them out of office. When unelected judges step over the line, we are without recourse. No longer does it matter what the citizen-elected legislature says. It matters not what the citizen-elected executives say. All that matters is what a majority of nine people in a courtroom says.”

Now — which one of these guys actually sounds like a leader?  Which one of these guys sounds like he’s putting our interests — as opposed to those of the ruling class — first?

We encourage more of this type of thing from Forest.  THIS is what we elected him to do.  We knew — as conservatives — we were going to get ZERO help from McCrory.

pat worriedPat McCrory has ZERO political capital.  He clearly has no coattails at election time. The Republican legislature laughs at his vetoes as they override them.  NOBODY is beating down his door asking him to come campaign for them.   Right now, the (R) next to his name — and fear of the prospect of Gov. Roy Cooper — are saving him.

We’ve got an incredible leadership void at the top levels of the state.  The citizenry is angry and frustrated about judges and bureaucrats overruling the will of the people. No one is looking for tail-tucking submission.  People are starving for a leader who will actually fight for what they want.

The 2012 version of Dan Forest made us believe we were getting a fighter.  This is a great opportunity for Dan Forest to step up and establish himself as a leader.  Pat McCrory is not getting the job done.  Being a good soldier / team player and standing back so Gov. Pat can try for four more years does nothing to reverse what so many see as a decline in our state and nation’s fortunes.

It’s a bad idea to put all of your hopes on one human.  Focus on the ideas they are passionate about — that they fight for.  It’s clear Dan Forest is in tune with average Americans / North Carolinians frustrated with what the courts, the bureaucrats, and the far-left agitators have done to our state and our country.

If Lt. Dan truly cares about the people of this state, and the future of the state, he should be prepared to offer himself up in 2016 as an alternative to Pat McCrory’s less-than-principled floundering and capitulation.