That giant sucking sound? Gov. Pat’s rump being SMOOCHED.

laughI’ve got to hand it to Team McCrory.  Their PR shop has failed miserably in dealing with the drivebys.  It appears that someone in that camp has decided that — if they can’t get anywhere with the existing media — a media outlet of their own needs to be created.

Jones + Blount is a news web site established to, purportedly, offer up the unvarnished truth on happenings in the executive and legislative branches of state government.  It was epuckerstablished with the help of funding from McCrory administration allies and is run by the former press spokesman for McCrory’s DENR, and the former communications rep for Republican leadership in the General Assembly.

Over here, we have no problem with new entries to the blogosphere.  The more the merrier.  Though, we do have a true lack of respect for propagandists — drivebys or bloggers — who regurgitate what they’re told without questioning ANY OF IT.

What are we talking about?  Here’s Exhibit A: 

[….] According to McCrory’s office, the bonds include money for roads, education, public health, parks and the military. “Connect NC projects will benefit every community across the state while creating thousands of jobs along the way,” the governor’s office said in a release.

Whoa.  Doesn’t this sound eerily like how Obama promoted his stimulus while he was trying to get Congress to pass it?

Oh, the folks at J+B get even,um, better: 

[…] Support for Connect NC is gaining steam across the state and will be the focus today for the governor as he travels from Raleigh to Onslow County. The transportation bond program would make critical infrastructure investments, paying for 27 highway projects across the state in rural suburban and urban areas. The bond would require no tax increases and would preserve the state’s AAA bond rating. Seven municipalities in the Piedmont have passed resolutions calling for putting the bond on the ballot for November elections. […] 


Let’s see.  You borrow money because you supposedly do not have it in your budget.  When you borrow money — someonemomoney out there is expecting to be paid back.  If the money is not currently in your budget, and a balanced budget is required, where does the money to pay it all back come from?

Government has to figure out a way to squeeze more money out of us.  They may not call it a tax increase.  They may play games with property valuations.  They may increase “fees,” on an assortment of services, but not taxes.  Voting FOR a bond issue is basically granting government to take MORE MONEY out of your pocket.  Now WHO is for THATdrive_by_media1

(Check out the latest action in New Hanover County, where commissioners approved higher property taxes to pay for voter-approved bonds.  And in Pender County, the commissioners and the school board are at odds over whether or not to raise real estate taxes to pay for voter-approved school bonds.) 

It’s interesting that the “conservative revolution” in Raleigh is not even talking about pay-as-you-go or trimming the budget and reallocating funds as options.  (shakeSTOP robbing the highway fund.)   Apparently, WE must sacrifice and bleed a little more before THEY DO. 

And WHO is surprised that the municipalities are excited about this? They like spending other people’s money too.  But with this bond issue, it passes and they get something while avoiding the nasty task of squeezing more money out of the citizenry.  *In this case, that’ll be Pat’s job!*

Folks, remember that lying and taking pleasure in spending other people’s money are bipartisan sports in Raleigh and DC.  We’ve already got a load of drivebys shilling for the big-government ruling class.  In the long run, is it really good for North Carolina to have one more media outlet that, instead, shills for establishment Republicans with big-government tendencies? 


7 thoughts on “That giant sucking sound? Gov. Pat’s rump being SMOOCHED.

  1. In an age where media credibility means absolutely NOTHING, where major media dropped every pretense of objectivity, the GOP needs an outlet for their perspective, even if it is a RINO outlet.

    There is no fixing the “professional” journalist, so hacks are all there is. Welcome to Hackitopia.

  2. Governor Pat’s new news circus is probably the best future career move he could make.
    The governor has been the most inept administrator in many a year. Face it the polls are not favorable for his reelection which will save Governor Pat and the GOP further embarrassment. However he does have a good chance in show biz as a stand up comedian.
    After all he has been the biggest laugh in Raleigh going on for four years.

  3. I like how the jones+blount blog promotes discourse by not having comments. Maybe they are afraid to see that no one supports the leftist ideas that are all over the place on that blog.

  4. This pair running Jones and Blount having worked for Raleigh Republicans shows how Raleigh Republicans these days hire liberals.

    Looking at the bios of the editors of that site, both mention working ”on Capitol Hill” but not who they worked for, a dead giveaway that they must have worked for liberals. But there are other clues. Drew Elliiott was a Governor’s Page for JIM HUNT, who only gave positions to the ”politically correct”. and later worked at the UNC Program on Public Life, an outfit run by liberal former N&O editorial writer Ferrel Guilory..Donna King is even worse, having worked for the ultra liberal PBS and then for ”America’s Voice”, a pro-amnesty pressure group. They both have a cast iron liberal background and yet were hired by Republicans in legislative and executive branch roles. Well, that is partly true. Elliott was hired in a department headed by a secretary who was registered Unaffiliated, and the Chief of Staff for the House Speaker is also an Unaffiliated voter who votes in Democrat primaries.

    How are GOP principles going to get advanced in Raleigh if they keep hiring liberals and non-Republicans?

    Given the liberal background of the editors, there is no surprise that the site itself is liberal. McCrory allies funding such a site also raises questions.

    The point already made about lack of allowing reader comments also shows the liberal arrogance of that site. It is a lot like Carter Wrenn and Gary Pearce transforming their site into a mutual admiration board by eliminating comments. Of course before eliminating them entirely, their Talking About Politics site had practices that seriously discouraged comments and ran away most of its participants. Sites that do not allow comments raise a huge red flag that there is something screwy about them. What are they afraid of in not allowing reader comments?

  5. McCrory Administration will not, for the most part hire Republican activists no matter their qualifications.Some of his top advisers politically and communications wise are arrogant and very full of themselves. In spite of all this Pat has done a pretty good job. Yes he is not so conservative but much has been done to improve the state. When Pat needs help to get reelected, however he may have to ask his Democrat friends for help. Yea that will work! They will lie to him and say they will help and then elect left winger Cooper.

  6. J + B: We don’t need no stinking comments from you bunch of conservative, gun-totin’, Bible-clutchin’ wingnuts, who can’t “work across the aisle.”

    Go to, if you want to spew truth and facts, ’cause we don’t allow that kind of dangerous, divisive stuff, here.

    Now, get off our lawn!

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