#ncpol: Pumping up Pat

Being governor is HARD.   pat worried

Legislators are not very nice to you sometimes.  People on the Internet get a little rough.  Sometimes you need a little encouragement — a little pick-me-up to help you get through the day in the executive mansion.  

A  faithful reader of this site clued us in on this tidbit:

”I got approached by a prominent Republican who very likely can get Pat McCrory himself  on the phone.  He wanted me and some of my friends to fire off some emails to our legislators saying nice things about the governor.  This individual also gave me McCrory’s private email address so my friends and I could blind-copy the governor on all of these notes we send out.”

Wow. Just,um — wow. 


11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Pumping up Pat

  1. Is he that shallow? Looks like I’m gonna have to start writing letters to the editor of the big daily life n Raleigh really laying it in.

  2. I suggest sending Pat emails telling him to give up his war on the SCV and all native-born southern Tar Heels. Or perhaps tell him to go back to Ohio.

    1. Let’s not send him back to Ohio. If we send all elected Republicans back to their home states then will we have any Republicans left?

  3. Why is no conservative running against this idiot? We hate him, the left despises him so Cooper is likely the next governor? We really are a pathetic bunch.

    1. Good question. As I’ve previously noted, four years ago, when Pat looked invincible, there were plenty of primary challengers such as Paul Martin. Now that Pat looks exquisitely vulnerable, there’s nary a challenger in sight.

  4. Seems to me that conservatives in a position to challenge McCrory need to set aside their personal interests and take on the fight.

    Draft Forest! I mean, only work to get him into the primary if you are serious about a conservative challenge to McCrory and aren’t just blowing smoke.

  5. I don’t know about other conservatives, but there are 3 million descendants of Confederate veterans in NC who despise this carpetbagger from Ohio and his bizarre antics to destroy southern heritage organizations. Come election day in 2016, they won’t forget McCrory’s hatred toward them.

  6. Jackson – i understand your anger….
    that said, the heritage we have cannot be taken away by any fiat from the courts…or some temporal elected official. Nobody can steal that.
    it is ours – given to us thru our heritage. It is part of our blood.

    WE own that heritage – nobody can take it away. So – focus.
    on what is going on. All this crap is a diversion my man. Just a diversion to engage the small minds and enrage them.
    It is OUR Country that is being attacked here – we rejoined the Union – get on with defending it!

    Focus on where you can make a difference!

    what is in imminent danger of being taken is our Freedom. Focus on the larger issues is my advice.

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