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Moore County’s Picerno rips local NCGA delegation a new one

Nick Picerno is a lot like EF Hutton in Moore County.  When the chairman of the county board of commissioners speaks, people sit up and listen. What he had to tell me Tuesday night was less-than-flattering about state senator Jerry Tillman, state Rep. Jamie Boles, and state Rep. Allen McNeill: ”I swear, it is like we have no representation whatsoever in Raleigh.  It seems like every time things get a little…

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‘We don’t recall.’

It seems like it was just yesterday the populace of Moore County was up in arms — Tea Party style — over shenanigans by the county board of education. Emboldened by little to no local media attention, the board ousted a popular superintendent to facilitate some good ol’ boy (or gal) backroom deals.  The resulting uproar led to FOUR of the Gang of Five resigning.  The county commissioners consulted with…

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#Pinehurst: ”You come at The Queen, you best not miss.”

“You come at the king, you best not miss.”  — Omar Little, HBO’s The Wire ____________________________ We’ve been hearing all kinds of off-the-record rumblings about this year’s mayoral race for some time.  Those rumblings have gone public in the pages of our thrice twice-weekly Pulitzer prize winning local newspaper. It appears council member John Strickland — the ONE in all of those 4-to-1 votes on the council — will be challenging…

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NC Education Lottery money NOT making it to Moore County schools?

There’s been a lot of belly-aching about schools reportedly getting short-changed.  The North Carolina education lottery came into being in 2005 as a method for providing much needed funding for public schools.  Moore County’s board of commissioners is under the impression that the county is not being given its share of the lottery proceeds, and wants the General Assembly to rectify the situation:  REQUEST: Request the Board of Commissioners to…

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Shoot birdies — instead of Bambis — in Pinehurst

We’ve got it pretty good here.  The village regularly has been recognized as one of the safest places to live in North Carolina.  We’ve got a very reasonable tax rate. And having some of the world’s best golf just outside your back door — or down the street — doesn’t hurt either.  Pinehurst is a popular retirement destination.  Most of those folks enjoying their retirement years are out all the…

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Save the deer. Cull the politician and busybody herds.

There actually is a down side to living in a great community like Pinehurst.  The quality of life is so great that SOME busybodies create problems to, um, tackle.  Some years back, we had ONE old lady complain to the Pinehurst Village Council about how loud the kids next door to her were.  The result?  The council approved an ordinance BANNING kids from being outside after dark.  Even on weekends….

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#ncpol Some good news re: voter ID

I picked up some positive info about the dry run on voter ID our local board of elections here in Moore County ran in the primary.  Precinct officials made a point of reminding primary voters, when they showed up to vote, that they would need to have proper ID for 2016. Anyone who said they did not think they had proper ID was given a form to fill out with…

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NC-02: Meet some of Renee’s new friends

Somebody has told Renee Ellmers that it would be a GREAT idea to model her reelection campaign after K-HAG’s and subject us all to one big kumbaya visit-to-the-OBGYN moment.  She’s hooked up with this Women2Women group sponsored by something called Main Street Advocacy. So, what is this Main Street Advocacy organization that has our Renee sooooo wowed?  Here’s the word from Roll Call: Main Street Advocacy, a group that seeks…

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Campaign ’14: The Moore County School Board — FIRE ‘EM ALL. (Let God sort it out.)

Here in Moore County, we’ve got a problem with our school system that you likely see in many other counties.  We’ve got an elected school board that submits itself to the whims of the edu-crats who run the daily affairs of the school system.  There are few, if any, questions. There is little to no accountability.  We’ve regularly elected a bunch of rubber stamps. What we’re advocating this November is…

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NC-02: Reality, meet Renee. Renee? Meet Reality.

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers was in one of her favorite places — Raleigh — to talk about how jonesed she is about the fight against ObamaCare.  It’s as though 2013 NEVER HAPPENED. In August of that year, we were in the heat of an effort to defund that legislative terror.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) were desperately seeking allies to help them halt the advance of ObamaCare.  What…