YOUR KIDS are EVERYONE else’s responsibility. (But definitely NOT YOURS.)

It seems to be the thesis of the ongoing leftist campaign to destroy our society.

Oppose abortion? Well then, get prepared to PAY for all those “unwanted” babies.

Are radical leftists, paid with your tax dollars, attempting to groom and indoctrinate your kids while they partake in that mandatory public school attendance?  Apparently, we’re being told they’re not perverting the little ones.  They’re merely protecting the kiddos from all those *abusive* mommies and daddies out there who JUST DON’T GET this brave new world we’re living in.

The Marxist fantasy out there is for us to own NOTHING.  We won’t even control the kids we brought into this world.  *The State knows what’s best for everything and everyone.*

According to some of my friends who have taught in the public schools, there are some idiot parents out there who seriously believe their little darlings ARE the school’s problem — and NOT theirs — between 8 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday.

Something called “Sandhills Pride” is trying to whip up a frenzy of anger over the Moore County School Board’s adoption of a parental bill of rightswhich basically says the educrats must keep the parents fully informed of what is being done to their kids while they are in the, um, *care* of the public school system each day.  Your kid *wants* to change their name or their pronouns? Parents have to okay it.  (Sounds reasonable, eh?)

Sandhills Pride claims to speak for all gays in denouncing moves like this. Denouncing the parental bill of rights as a license to abuse kids is ridiculous. Assuming all parents are ready to physically abuse their kids questioning their sexual orientation is as ignorant – if not more so — as pegging ALL gay people as perverts preying on kids.  You’re painting a wide slanderous swath taking that route.

For every screaming “gay activist”  you see on the news or read about in the paper, you can easily find two or more gay or lesbian people genuinely horrified at the thought of promoting sex changes to minor children or trying to convert them to the tranny lifestyle. 

There are plenty of gay people around here who simply want to be left alone to quietly enjoy their lives.  (Just like the rest of us outside of that particular “community.”)

Nevertheless, “Sandhills Pride” will be at Monday’s school board meeting in Robbins ready to denounce any and all critics of “kiddie-grooming” and the watering-down of parental rights as bigots. (Pravda-on-Pennsylvania will eagerly join in on the fun, I’m sure.)

It’s sad commentary on the current state of our society that we actually have to go to the mat fighting for something like maintaining parental rights over what IS or IS NOT done to or with OUR KIDS.