Speling wear yoo werk iz fundumentle.

It’s too funny that this came to my attention just after writing about know-nothing Moore County public school bureaucrats poo-pooing the idea of reading books and writing reports.


That’s right. You’re looking at the official Twitter account for The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s office of Federal Programs.  This is the state agency in charge of ensuring that our wee ones graduate with sufficient knowledge and training to compete in the marketplace.

There’s not much that I hate worse than nanny-nanny boo-boo types who troll the Internet and mock  people’s spelling and grammar errors.  I’m human.  I write a lot.  Occasionally, some spelling or grammar errors slip through but they get caught and corrected rather quickly.  

(Though, I have never misspelled the name of where I work.  Also, I am not in charge of educating all of the wee ones from Murphy to Manteo.)