Local leftists, local church, The Pilot, and Biden DOJ team up to “fix” Moore County “hate”

If you can’t beat them, sabotage them and undermine them at every turn.  That seems to be the rule of thumb for woke leftists these days.

Many of us have listened ad nauseam for months to  empty, evidenceless, slanders of our beloved county’s reputation by a small hardcore leftist rabble.  *The December blackout?  A conspiracy by “white supremacists” to shut down a drag queen show in Southern Pines.  Two anti-semitic banners on US 1 near Vass? More antics from “local white supremacists.”  One white drunk disrupting a mostly-black social gathering?  More “white supremacy.”*

In the Biden era, “white supremacy” = anything that contradicts the radical left’s agenda. Lefties like to caution us not to be hard on all Arabs or all blacks when something bad happens.  But let one white idiot do something, and ALL white people are responsible.

Something called The Sandhills Coalition for Peace, Love and Justice (which sounds a lot like an old Elvis Costello song title) — composed and led mostly by leaders of the county’s ragtag Democrat party — is calling a meeting at Brownson Presbyterian Church to get us all CORRECT:

[…] “The goals of the forum are to include voices of key community stakeholders, to increase understanding and communication among leaders, and to forestall and resolve conflicts,” the coalition wrote in the release, adding that the event will “bring together a diverse group of leaders and opinions representing business, local government, law enforcement, faith communities, civil rights groups, community-based organizations, and others.”

Dion Lyons, conciliation specialist with the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s Community Relations Service, will be on hand to help broker an “agreement among the community leaders to draft and implement a solution-based action plan,” the release said. Those leaders will also be asked to join a council that will “work with government officials to implement solutions together.”[…]

“Work with government officials”?  “asked”? Riiiiiiiiight.  

The US DOJ doesn’t ask nicely. “Working with” the US DOJ translates to: DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD. Or ELSE.

So, the Biden Justice Department — which has arrested and imprisoned people for standing in the vicinity of the US Capitol while giving Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters a free pass  — is going to teach us about civility.

For what it’s worth, it’s disappointing to see Mitch Capel in the middle of this demagoguery.  His late father was a moderate political voice out there who interacted peaceably with, and worked well with, folks across all gender and racial lines.  Mitch has decided, sadly, to go the full Bill Barber-Al Sharpton- Jesse Jackson route. 

Once this gets going, straight white church-going capitalists in this county will be having to perform complex gymnastics to PROVE they are not racists, transphobes, or HATERS.   Guilty until proven innocent. *Nice.*

We’re quite a tempting target to the radical left.  More than 65 percent of our votes go to the GOP each November.  People are moving here in droves.  Taxes are relatively low.  Crime is relatively low. We have some of the better schools in the region.  And the comrades can’t stand it.