Politicians keeping promises pains Mr. Nagy’s posterior.

Apparently, there’s a butthurt pandemic raging out of control in the Pravda-on-Pennsylvania “news” room. (They’re going to need MORE ointment, doctor.) 

Reading Pravda’s op-ed page these days makes you want to alert SOMEONE.  Dr. Fauci?  Homeland Security?  :

The impacts of the 2020 and 2022 Moore County Board of Education elections were fully realized Monday night with the board’s approval of policies that implement blatant intolerance and ignorance of professional education standards in North Carolina.

Where do we start? The policy that, while not explicitly doing so, distinctly expresses intolerance for the very small number of students who are questioning or transitioning their genders? The policy that countermands professional recommendations and mandates handwritten book reports — by members who have spent most of the past two years trying to remove certain books from school libraries? The policy that limits public comment so that you have to show up in person — even when the board moves meetings farther away from population centers and transportation options?[…]

You’ll have to pardon Mr. Nagy.  He is still apparently experiencing much pain over his wife’s daily commute to Raleigh to dig her elected Democrat “wreck” of a boss out of a huge PR hole.

“Intolerance for the very small number of students who are questioning or transitioning their genders”?  A more accurate description would be “protecting students from aggressive left-wing indoctrination and grooming.”  Since when did it become “intolerant” or controversial or outrageous to insist that parents be kept informed about what’s happening with their kids?  

Oh, you have to love the “horror” over book reports.  I’ve interacted with many end-products of the K-12 public education system.  So many of the lil’ darlings don’t know HOW to analyze books and extract the key information from their pages.  (*You know, the kind of skills necessary for studying.*).  I’ve also encountered a surprising number who struggle to read the textbook.

The faux outrage over reading four books a year is really amusing, too.  I remember having contests in elementary school over who could read the most books.

Mr. Nagy also leaves out important details on the book removal campaign.  The current school board majority and some parents were concerned about books on the shelves graphically describing homosexual and heterosexual sex, as well as cross-dressing.  I wish Nagy and his comrades would express this much *outrage* over the aggressive, ongoing attempts to sexualize kids at school. 

Mr. Nagy, and likely Mr. Woronoff as well, also appear to be upset about holding board meetings at remote locations.  You see, Pravda rarely sends any of their people out to cover something located outside a five-square block perimeter from their offices.  (*Sherpas and pack mules don’t come cheap, you know.*)

Car wrecks and drug busts in the Robbins area always get prime coverage.  That doesn’t take much work.  You can get that info via phone or a law enforcement-submitted press release.

Pravda’s “news” room shows a real lack of respect for people and things more than five blocks off of W. Pennsylvania.   The school board — by holding regular meetings in places like Robbins — are showing respect to taxpayers in northern Moore that have been ignored for decades by the public school system and the good folks at Pravda.


[…]Moore County has always been a melting pot of sorts, a place most of us have moved to after experiencing careers elsewhere. Traditionally, we moved here to volunteer our skills and add to this unique quality of life, not impose our worldview.[…]

Seriously, Nagy?  Your bosses at Pravda established quite a reputation in Raleigh as flame-throwing Democrats.  And it showed in the pages of the papers they’ve owned — including THIS ONE — every single day.  Gotta call bullshit on you here, comrade.


[…] That was reflected in a public school system that drew people for its quality schools, staff and experiences that offered an education that belied the county’s small, semi-rural nature. […] 

So, a “small, semi-rural” locale can’t offer a quality education?  Now that’s quite an arrogant, elitist statement. You’re making me think Woronoff helped you write this.


[…] It is clear after last Monday night’s school board meeting that our district is run now by ideologues bent on their own form of indoctrination and intolerance. If their goal is to disrupt public education and drive people either out of Moore County or into private schools, then congratulations to them. They’re well on their way.[…]

Where’s the evidence of people fleeing Moore County?  Certainly not in those Pinehurst traffic jams I sit through every day.


[…] Chairman Bob Levy and his gang act convivial enough, and for a group of mostly senior citizens, they are surprisingly limber for all the verbal and mental gymnastics they do in attempting to justify their positions. They would have you believe their new policies are common sense and meant to improve academic performance, respect for families and build quality students. In their book — the only one they want to leave in school libraries — these things are no big deal.[…]

Be careful about slamming senior citizens, Nagy.  They compose much of your dwindling readership, as well as the customer base at Mr. Woronoff’s bookstore. (If I’m not mistaken, both YOU and Woronoff qualify for the ‘senior citizen’ discounts at grocery stores and other establishments in the area.)


[…] The ideologues would have you believe that public schools are disasters, the faculty filled with Marxists and “groomers” who disrespect families and are hellbent on indoctrinating children to question their faith, their gender and the authority of government.

The disrespect and warped view is repulsive.[…]

To teach in a public school, you are required to subject yourself to some intensive Marxist indoctrination in order to be “certified.”  I’ve seen cases where  former senior execs at, say, international accounting firms get denied permission to teach in a public school. They don’t have an “education” degree — which makes you an expert in NOTHING — and have not been subjected to the mandated indoctrination.  

K-12, colleges and universities all end up being loaded with properly indoctrinated staff.  That’s how you get crap like CRT and DEI injected into curriculum. That’s how school redistricting gets governed by tinkering with racial makeup so each of the schools has the same weak average test scores and increased discipline problems. It’s how you get drag queens wiggling their crotches in the faces of minors.

Hollywood and the drive-by media are already thoroughly corrupted.  Pravda proves that point every single day.

If Nagy hates life here so much, he and the missus should move back to Greensboro — the place he came here from, that is well on its way to ruin. The agenda of this school board should not be a surprise.  They campaigned on this platform, and won convincingly.  The electorate rejected every one of Pravda’s endorsed candidates.

You ought to be cheering elected officials who follow through on their campaign promises.  That – indeed – is a rarity.